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How Much Space Do You Need On a Laptop For Photo Editing

Don’t buy a laptop for editing HD images, color enhancing, and working detailed picture related tasks unless you know how much space you need on a laptop for photo editing. To be honest, photo and video dedicated laptops that are especially for professionals are pretty expensive. 

Luckily you have multiple options to amplify space even if your laptop has compact storage. You can opt for external data storage, cloud storage etc. but having it on your laptop rather than any external or third-party source is something else.

Therefore if you pick up any random laptop whose specifications are not growing well with the software you want to run, then it would be a sheer waste of money. For newbies and start photo editors, this post will be a guide. Below we shall know more about it.

Space Needed For Photo Editing Laptop

Sometimes you need only a few GBs now, but with time the demand for data storage space becomes a need. Laptops have ample space, especially the newest and latest ones. On top of that you have the option to upgrade it as you want. However, if you particularly want to know the precise space that only a photo dedicated laptop should have, then a 500 GB solid-state drive would be the most suitable option. You can also find that in the best budget laptop for photo editing as well.

The good point is, in a 500 GB SSD you can run the latest applications like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, PicsArt’s online photo editor, Pixtica and more with seamless performance and also get the option to run many other software likewise. Moreover, the space should be enough for downloading assistive tutorials. Overall, this data storage makes things efficient, smooth, professional and above its recommended.

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However if you want to work on other tasks besides photo editing and want to install a few more heavy-duty apps/software, opting for a 2-4 TB is your go-to option. Certainly, you need to save your HD format images, data, and documents somewhere and in this case, it’s the SSD drive of 4 TB!

What Image Format Do You Use?

The image format makes a huge difference in occupying space on your laptop. After that, you need to configure which format you use when you shoot pictures.  For many digital SLRs cameras, you have the option to shoot both JPEG as well as raw files. With every format you shoot from camera, the ultimate thing is they will demand a certain storage space from your laptop.

Usually, the DSLR will let you shoot images with 25-30 MB in raw files whereas for JPEGs you will be shooting 7MB which clearly means more space than the later one. Hence you need to first check the image size and then infer the laptop storage accordingly.


Choosing the laptop for photo editing is not something you can opt for by just doing “Google” about it. For getting the exceptional results that do not let you replace your photo editing rig, you need to spend time and search everything about your requirements. 

Finding out how much space you need on your laptop for photo editing can fall in 370 GB or even 1 TB. The bracket is pretty flexible if you don’t know your working approach. Know the photo format, size, apps you want to run, if you have any lecture about using a particular tool and all. Only then can you make the finest choice. However, in this post we have mentioned the professional’s choice and you can totally rely on it.