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How Nextras Electronic Roster System Optimizes Clinical Safety Measures

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In healthcare, the safety of patients is of utmost importance. The efficient and effective management of staff rosters, job planning, and temporary staffing is vital to ensure optimal patient care and clinical safety. This is where Nextras Electronic Roster system comes in. Our system has the capability to provide operational optimization across a range of clinical safety measures. We’ll be discussing some of the key benefits our solution provides and how it can help your healthcare organization.

One of the most significant advantages of the Nextras Electronic Roster system is its ability to handle multiple process efficiencies and cost-saving activities identified by various HR and operational productivity reviews. This feature allows your healthcare organization to streamline its staffing processes and save operational costs while ensuring clinical safety and quality. Our system also adheres to NHSE’s Software Requirements Specification and Interoperability Agenda, so you can be confident that your organization is following best practices.

Another feature of our system is its ability to provide skill mix and competency assurance of staff rosters. The electronic roster system assists in ensuring the appropriate levels of staff are available at all times and have the necessary skills and expertise for their assigned roles. This feature helps organizations plan more efficient shift patterns by assigning staff with complementary skill sets that create a more efficient and effective workforce.

Healthcare is an industry that is constantly evolving, and Nextras Electronic Roster system is designed to keep up with the constant changes. Our system is future-proofed to meet evolving NHSE standards and workforce deployment systems. This means that your organization can work through the Levels of Attainment, meet the necessary compliance requirements and be prepared for future changes without worrying about being left behind.

Nextras Electronic Roster system has the capability to provide job planning, ensuring that the rosters are scheduled in a way that meets the needs of both your staff and patients. The electronic roster system enables HR professionals to easily define and manage job plans for all staff, ensuring that their shifts align with their expertise and seniority. This feature also allows staff to easily see their schedules in advance, so that they can make arrangements to meet their other obligations.

Lastly, Nextras Electronic Roster system provides temporary staffing solutions that can help avoid staff shortages and maintain optimal patient care.  The system allows users to manage temporary staff requests, maintain on-call /bank lists, and allocate shifts on an as-needed basis. This feature ensures that staff shortages are minimized, patient care is not compromised, and optimal clinical safety is maintained.

Nextras Electronic Roster system offers the healthcare industry an efficient and effective way to manage staff rosters, job planning and temporary staffing, all while ensuring clinical safety and quality. With its ability to save operational costs, adhere to NHSE standards, and its future-proof design, our system offers your healthcare organization the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest in industry standards. Our system can help your organization streamline its staffing processes, reduce its costs, and deliver exceptional patient care.