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How Personality Tests Are of Importance During the Process of Hiring

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Most organizations are going to implement an array of screening methods before they zero in on the right employee. To screen for your educational degree, background, criminal history or even drug use is a routine affair and all of them exists for a definite reason. The main reason is cost for a bad hire can really be significant. But once you go on to implement pre-screening measures the costs can be reduced to a considerable level.

One of the areas that have gone on to evoke a lot of response in recent times is pre-screening employment tests. Research suggests that nearly 70% of the staff members are screened in terms of personality for their staff members. In this regard popular personality test works out to be strength finder and Hogan assessment. In the market of today countless number of candidates is known to be vying for the same position and a personality test can be of immense benefit to the human resource department of a company.

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Now let us explore the reasons why you need to incorporate personality test as part of the hiring procedures.

Trims down the pool of candidates

It is really tough to pick a right candidate for an interview, all the more so if you are presented with similar background and educational degrees. One of the main benefits of introducing a personality test is to trim down the list of candidates. To have the candidates complete the test, but after a phone interview but before the face to face interview takes place, then you can go on to review the results. If you feel the candidate in question matches up to the personality of a job that you are looking for then take them out of the running.

Helps in the stage of interview

The human resource department could work on the results of personality tests so as to communicate better during the stage of an interview. With the help of the exams an interview can be steered in a positive direction, whereby an employee can ask for the strengths along with weakness of a candidate that they did go onto demonstrate in terms of social behaviour and soft skills.

A deep understanding of the candidates takes place

As stressed time and again one of the greatest perks of a pre – screening employment test is to have a fair understanding of the candidates in question. When you have a comprehensive understanding, is gives a better foresight as whether the individual works out to be a suitable fit for the team or not.

Remove bias

A candidate could go on to ensure a fantastic impression during a personal interview, but it does not mean that they are going to be the right person for a job in question. Any business goes on to predict an accurate analysis of the working style and personality of an individual and even eradicates any bias that occurs during the process of hiring.

Strengthens teams

When you use a personality test tool to hire candidate, it is going to enhance the strength of your team. Once the employees are going to work together it is go to add a new dimension to the overall process of hiring.

More about the personality tests

There are various types of personality tests available on the market. In fact, all of them use a different approach in order to figure out the traits of personality. To get a better understanding of what they actually are, try out free personality test. Though the interviews can bring a lot to the table and present an employee to find more about an individual that is not illustrated on the resume. What would be their strengths along with weakness? But at the same time an organization has to understand that personality test is not the only tool for selecting an employee. They evolve a lot of factors that go on to determine the overall personality of an individual. The future goals have to be taken into consideration during the process of application and interview.

• If the test is taken before an interview, an obvious fact is it helps to narrow down the pool of candidates. A fair idea about the features of a candidate is provided and even it helps you to decide which respondents have to be called for an interview.
• The test could even aid the managers in order to figure out what sort of questions need to be asked to a candidate during the round of interviews.
• Normally there is a limited time available for an interview, the abilities along with skills of a candidate tends to be overlooked on a face to face basis. The test is a fair reflection on how a candidate might fit on to the work culture of a company.
• The nature of such tests is that interpersonal characteristics that is often needed for a job.

Points to keep in mind when you are opting for a personality test:

• The nature of certain type of personality test is that it might take some time to complete that might dissuade a candidate for further proceeding during the process of selection.
• More often than not the candidates consider these tests as social pleasing an employee that goes on to reduce the true value of this test.
• The tests are very expensive where you need to pay money in order to conduct the test and even someone has to overlook the test that shoots up the cost. Even if a candidate goes on to answer all the questions it does not mean that they are best suited for the job. When they are offered a role within the company would be they able to accomplish the job with the same degree of efficiency.

To sum it up, when a company decides to opt for a personality test as part of their hiring process, they have to consider the pros along with cons on what are the needs of your business. There are some industries that might benefit from specific roles within a business.