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How SeekaHost PBN Hosting & Management Software Tool (SeekaPanel) Take Private Blog Network Hosting To Next Level? 

There are several hosting providers in the market offer automated easy blog network hosting software. However not any is easier and affordable as much as the SeekaPanel – Private Blog network hosting tool. 

I use the SeekaPanel to host the PBNs that I use for SEO purposes at ClickDo as well as guest posting services where I make money each month. **If you are not doing guest posting services business model online right now you are leaving so much easy money you can make each month on the table. 

Now let’s look at the SeekaHost Easy Blog Network hosting and management tool introduced by Fernando Raymond who is one of the tops digital entrepreneurs in the world. 

What is SeekaPanel? 

SeekaPanel is a web hosting control panel that offers multiple IP PBN hosting services to host private WordPress blogs and money sites. 

There are many guides online on how to use the SeekaPanel to host private blog networks and get online fast. 

How Easy Blog Hosting & Management Software works? 

There are many tutorials on SeekaHost YouTube channel about how the blog hosting control panel works and tips on how to use multiple IP hosting. 

One of the best advantages of using the SeekPanel over any other WordPress hosting control panels is the easy options it has. All at one place from domain name registration to change name servers and hosting a private blog network. As of writing this article there is no other control panel that provides such a easy system to host domains and build private blogs with 1-Click WordPress hosting. 

There are few providers in the market, but non provides a clear interface and all the things as SeekaPanel. Don’t get me wrong they ate fin systems and I just like how cool is the SeekaPanel to use and host WordPress blogs. I think one day this panel could be developed to a level of a very advance control panel with all that hosting can be provided. 


SeekaPanel is the latest WordPress hosting control panel by SeekaHost which is a web application and system tool that allows the users to easily register domains names, host WordPress sites, blogs, emails and track site data. 

It’s a comprehensive dashboard where you find all functionalities and features to host and manage private blog network or WordPress sites and blog using multiple IP hosting.

There are many complex and not so easy to use hosting control panels out there such as cPanel or Plesk. But the issues are that the interface is difficult to understand and use, especially for non-technical users and they often require users to follow several complicated steps to execute tasks. 

The SeekaPanel is an innovative web hosting control panel and easy blog network hosting platform that has been developed by software developers and SEO specialists lead by myself, who have used other control panels for many years and want to make hosting management much simpler and quicker. 

You can compare it to the one you’re currently using or are intending to use. We recommend you get a free trial for any web hosting before you commit to test how it works for you.  


Simplicity is important to many web hosting customers and when comparing these hosting platforms, you will find the following advantages with the unique PBN Hosting Control Panel:

  1. Free SSL & Migration Services inside the panel
  2. Automatic and regular updates & backups of all website content, which can also be done by the user themselves
  3. WordPress Hosting Support in Live Chat and via Email Ticket System
  4. Fast and easy domain registration and creation of your website in minutes within the panel
  5. Unique website tracking features that no other web hosting provider offers

This panel will be perfect for any blogger, business owner or freelancer looking to host and manage one or several websites in one place for superb convenience and safety. 


  • You can register any domain 
  • You can install WordPress on your domains
  • You can buy unique multiple class IP hosting for blogs or websites
  • You can get the DNS records
  • You can check website analytics data
  • You can install or delete your sites or upgrade/downgrade hosting plans
  • You can get a blog hosted and live in no time (less than 60 seconds with fast loading times is what the SeekaHost hosting control panel offers)
  • You can migrate your website from one host to another for free with tech support in the panel or find tutorials how to do it yourself via the knowledgebase 
  • You can manage and access all your websites in a single interface in no time. 
  • You can change or cancel plans, add more domains, speak to customer support in the live chat and find resources in the knowledgebase.
  • You can access resources to help with website creation, blogging or perhaps online marketing. 

Now let’s look at the steps to use the SeekaPanel

1. First, you may visit  

2. Signup and create a new account at 

3. Then login to your account at  

4. Register a domain name for your blog site

5. Buy a WordPress Blog hosting plan:

or Private Blog hosting plan at with multiple IP class hosting to create a private blog network. 

6. You are all set to host your domain by installing WordPress to your domain name with the 1-Click WordPress installer.

7. Once WordPress is installed, change the name servers if you have the domain registered at some other registry. 

8. Activate the SSL Certificate for free and your domain will be secured and SEO friendly. 

9. Visit your WordPress site login page by clicking the Login to the site.

10. Use your username and password to access the WordPress dashboard. 

11. Start building your blog site and keep blogging. You can learn it all by watching the below video by James at SeekaHost. The video will show you everything about how to create a blog step by step as I explained above.