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How Senpex Technologies is Taking Last Mile Logistics to New Heights with AI

From its inception, Senpex Technologies has leveraged technical innovation to bring new levels of efficiency to last mile logistics. By developing real-time interfaces, optimization engines, and e-commerce integration solutions, Senpex has consistently made same-day and on-demand delivery simple, accessible, and affordable for businesses in virtually every industry.

Today, Senpex is reaching new heights by using the power of artificial intelligence to optimize its last mile logistics services.

“We are always exploring new options when it comes to technology that can improve efficiency,” says Anar Mammadov, Senpex’s CEO and founder. “Utilizing AI allows us to automate processes, optimize communication, and provide better care to our drivers and our customers, to name just a few benefits we are implementing. It has allowed us to expand our services in truly remarkable ways.”

Since launching in 2017, Senpex has grown to become one of the nation’s premier last mile delivery partners. It provides delivery solutions to over 4,000 clients — including 1,000 who have designated Senpex as their official logistics vendor. Samsung, Stanford Medicine, and Restaurant Depot are some of the well-known organizations that have come to rely on the services Senpex provides.

“Our approach to technology has always been to use it to meet the customer’s needs,” Mammadov explains. “We prioritize staying connected to our customers, getting their feedback, and even involving them in the development process. The AI solutions we are utilizing support our customer-oriented approach, giving us the tools we need to serve more customers and continue to consistently provide excellent solutions.”

Leveraging AI to empower automation

The power to drive new levels of automation is one of the key benefits that AI brings to the business world. Repetitive, rules-based processes like data entry, invoice processing, and staff scheduling can be automated with AI-powered tools in ways that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Managing drivers is one of the key challenges that last mile logistics providers must overcome to be successful. By utilizing AI to automate many of its driver management processes, Senpex has been able to expand in remarkable ways.

“Over a three-month period, we were able to leverage AI-driven automation to expand from serving businesses in 10 states to 38 states,” Mammadov shares. “AI helped us to find the drivers needed for that kind of expansion, onboard the drivers, dispatch the drivers, and guide the drivers as they make their deliveries. By leveraging it for data analytics, we are also able to find ways to improve their performance.”

Serving delivery teams with AI chatbots

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have allowed Senpex to enhance the communication that it provides to its delivery team, automatically providing quick solutions that empower them to meet their delivery goals.

“There are some common issues that delivery drivers will encounter, such as needing a client’s name or phone number,” Mammadov explains. “By using AI-driven chatbots, we are able to get them the information they need quickly and without involving our dispatch team. This allows us to scale our services efficiently and serve more clients without adding more staff.”

To further enhance its services, Senpex is gathering data on the types of questions its chatbots are handling for drivers. AI tools are then used to analyze the data and identify ways to more efficiently meet drivers’ needs.

“During high-delivery times, we have thousands of drivers on the road making tens of thousands of deliveries,” Mammadov shares. “It is physically impossible for our dispatch team to efficiently handle all of their needs. By analyzing historical data on the issues they are having, we are able to teach our chatbots how to quickly guide them on common issues. It optimizes their efforts, which means our clients get better service.”

Helping clients embrace AI optimization

Mammadov has found that embracing AI solutions too quickly can cause problems, especially when it is integrated into client-facing applications.

“Because AI makes things easier for your company, some businesses will assume it makes things easier for their clients, which is not always the case,” Mammadov says. “Adopting AI — like adopting any new technology — is risky. If clients prefer the old tools or interfaces and you take them away, you can lose those clients.”

To minimize these risks, Senpex strives to utilize its clients as it develops new technologies, including pilot users who test AI tools before they are rolled out to the entire Senpex client base. The feedback provided by test users helps Senpex to ensure that its tools are both functional and user-friendly before they are launched.

“We might pick 10 pilot users to try out a new feature before it goes live,” Mammadov explains. “We get on a Zoom call with them, give them the controls, and see what they think. By physically watching their experience, we see what is helpful and what is frustrating. We have found the practice to be invaluable.”

Using AI to drive informed logistics

In the near future, Senpex will be offering a new service that leverages the expertise it has developed to guide other businesses seeking to optimize their logistics. The last mile logistics auditing and consulting service will help businesses to overcome key challenges and reduce costs associated with meeting customers’ delivery expectations.

“Many businesses are struggling to meet their customers’ delivery expectations because they don’t understand how all of the variables affect logistics efficiency,” Mammadov says. “AI delivers the power to quickly and accurately assess a business’s unique delivery needs and determine optimal pricing models. Our goal is to help more businesses benefit from the advantages that AI can bring to last mile logistics.”