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How SEO Can Help Your Website Grow Online

In 2019, marketing online will be a challenge because competition will be tough and Search engine optimization will be the only way to have a piece of that market share without emptying your pockets.

Search engines are designed to bring up results that are the most relevant based on the keyword typed in. Google is the dominant leader of the search engine world with over 92% of the market share. Think of Google as a giant library full of content and websites on almost every topic you can imagine.

What is SEO? Why Do You Need It?
Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing traffic quality and quantity by targeting the right target keywords and ensuring the credibility and readability of content generated. There are many ways you can enhance your SEO performance, with manual outreach one of the most popular strategies. SEO offers answers to the question of who are the people who are searching for your product or business.

SEO helps identify who your target audience is and the best ways of engaging these potential customers. By providing relevant information and being the expert in your niche you can rank high on searches without having to invest thousands of dollars in ad campaigns that can easily be jeopardized by competitors that can bring down your ROI on ads.

Organic vs. Paid

Think of SEO as an organic way of growing which means that you are only reaping what you are sowing. Unlike paid advertising, it does not cost a lot but instead requires extensive time, research and skill. SEO is like growing a plant. First, you have to nurture it and let it grow in order for it to reap future dividends.

Paid Advertising, such as Google Adwords is a much faster way to obtain results quickly but can cost you a lot in the process. Unless you have deep pockets and sound knowledge of how PPC campaigns work it is the best advice not to opt for paid advertising as it can cost you heavily if you don’t know what you are doing.

With SEO on the other hand even if you make mistakes they don’t cost nearly as much as paid advertising. Also the biggest advantage of organic marketing is that it forces you to do extensive keyword and competitor research which makes you more aware of how to strategize your desired marketing strategy.

Research Is Essential

The first and most important step for the success of any online business is to make sure you know your target audience and have the right selection of keywords to target. Without knowing the right search terms for your niche, all the optimization in the world will not help you rank higher or get more traffic. Once you know the terms, phrases, topics and keywords you want to focus on you can move on to generating the content necessary to rank high on those search terms.

Google’s search algorithms are constantly changing and evolving getting more and more complex to try and provide users with the best results possible as quickly as possible. With the change in online customer behavior, search engines have also developed different policies and techniques to filter through results and determining the best results.

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