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How SEO Training in London Can Upskill Your Team

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Companies hire employees with the right skill set and experience for the role. But, over time, it is fair to say that duties and responsibilities expand and adapt, meaning that employees must grow and become more accomplished. This is particularly true if you have a team dedicated to search engine optimisation. Things change rapidly in this field, meaning you must consider what you can do as an employer.

Thankfully, there are ways you can assist your team and prompt growth when it comes to SEO. One way you are able to do this is through SEO training in London. Let’s consider how this can be the perfect way to upskill your team.

Learn Better Keyword Research

If there is something that has remained important in the SEO game, it is keywords and phrases. They can be used to shape content and are used on almost every page of your website. It is crucial that your team are using the correct keywords for your company and that will allow you to boost your Google ranking.

This is where SEO training can help. These types of courses in London can ensure your team are being efficient. A trainer can guide your team on better ways to search and identify the best keywords and phrases to use. Not only will this save time, but it is also going to improve campaign results.

Work on Link Building

There are some ranking factors that are more important than others and play a huge part in your success. Well, one of them is backlinks. However, many websites ignore how pivotal link building is and they are missing out on the opportunity to get to the top of Google. What’s more, they can have slow overall progress when trying to increase their rankings.

Fortunately, this is where London SEO training can be of assistance. You can hire an expert to teach your team the significance of link building and the best ways to start doing this. For a London-based expert, head over to ClickSlice. The founder, Joshua George, can educate your team on link building with his years of experience. He also has SEO training courses to improve your knowledge of other topics too. These can be worked through at your own pace and can be additional learning for your team. Therefore, head to the website and see what the best course of action will be for your company.

Understand How to Create Content

New content is something that Google wants to see. It also helps to attract new customers and build trust with people. Overall, creating new content regularly has a positive effect on your company’s reputation and ranking. But, the problem is that many people try to take shortcuts with content, and this is not going to get the results you are looking for. The focus is now on quality and this has to be a priority through the creation process.

Perhaps your team have never been instructed on how to create new content. They know that it is a task they have to do. But, they might not be aware of the best way to carry out this process. This is where SEO training comes in again. An expert is going to know the best tactics for content creation and ensure it is optimised for search. 

Know Technical SEO

If your team do not have much experience with SEO, they might not be aware of the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes. We are talking about tasks that play a big part in your Google ranking, but are not the most obvious and talked about tactics. Perhaps you are already creating good content and using keywords. But, are still unable to see great results. Well, it could be the technical side letting you down.

Thus, SEO training can touch on technical SEO. An expert can guide your team on things like website structure and what Google likes to see. In addition, they can cover how to improve site speed and ensure it is running efficiently. Something else that matters is mobile optimisation. Again, this can be part of training and the upskilling process.

How to Avoid Google Penalties

Something that a business wants to avoid at all costs is Google penalties. Expressly, having their ranking lowered on search results and being backlisted by the search engine. This has catastrophic results for businesses and your sales can plummet. Therefore, you always want to take precautions and ensure that your team are never taking risks or making unnecessary mistakes when it comes to optimisation.

When you choose an SEO expert that offers bespoke training, you can point out that you want more information on Google penalties. Then, they are able to educate your team on ways to avoid getting those penalties for your website. For instance, they are learn the difference between white and black hate SEO tactics. They can also learn the dangers of grey tactics too. This way, you are always protecting your site and not taking unnecessary risks. There are plenty of ways to boost your ranking without getting into trouble.