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How the CloudApper Platform Simplifies Adding Custom Features to UKG Solutions

UKG software solutions are used by organizations around the world. However, as organizations have to rapidly change their practices to keep up with the competition, their requirements change as well. Organizations need custom solutions that meet their business processes and workflows. Fortunately, UKG customers can add custom features to their existing solutions with the CloudApper app community.

The CloudApper App Community in a Nutshell

CloudApper is an AI platform that provides a plethora of solutions for UKG software. Moreover, since it’s a no-code platform, CloudApper creates customized solutions for UKG customers with unique requirements easily and quickly. For instance, the CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG already has solutions that can be added such as custom business intelligence dashboards, custom employee time capture solutions, attestations, job transfer data capture, and more. Unique solutions that can help capture employee clock-ins and clock-outs in bulk or pinging employees before their shifts are also available. All in all, with the CloudApper platform, UKG customizations are quick, easy, and hassle-free. 

While that was a brief intro to what CloudApper is, let’s explore in detail how the no-code AI platform helps organizations make the most out of their existing UKG solutions. 

How CloudApper simplifies UKG customizations

It Seamlessly Integrates With UKG Software

CloudApper has been working with UKG for years. In fact, CloudApper is a certified UKG partner. CloudApper integrates seamlessly with UKG software like Workforce Central, Ready, Dimensions, and even Pro – the most widely used UKG solutions. As a result, CloudApper can pull data from UKG, process it, and even send it back to UKG as per the customers’ requirements. Moreover, customers don’t need to worry about integration or data migration hassles as CloudApper does it for them easily. 

It Provides Several Customizable Features for UKG Solutions 

As previously mentioned, the CloudApper platform provides several features that help organizations extract the most out of their existing UKG software. The CloudApper platform already houses several solutions like BI dashboards, employee time capture systems, employee shift confirmation solutions, and much more. However, different organizations have different requirements that need customizations. CloudApper knows that, which is why all of its solutions are customizable. Organizations just need to provide us with the requirements and we do the rest.

However, with CloudApper, UKG customers can do so much more. Since it’s an AI no-code platform, CloudApper can provide entirely customized solutions for UKG customers that need them. For instance, CloudApper has already created custom solutions that help capture offline employee punches in bulk, track wage progressions, send pings to workers before their shifts to prevent absenteeism, attestations, and more. 

It Generates Custom Reports

Besides the solutions, UKG customers can also generate custom reports based on their needs with CloudApper. For instance, managers can generate reports on punch data summary, employee productivity, employees that worked overtime, employees who didn’t complete shifts, and so on. With the CloudApper platform, UKG customers can generate custom reports that provide the exact information managers need to make informed decisions and optimize workforce management.

For example, a UKG customer may want to create a custom report that shows employee turnover per department. CloudApper provides the manager with a custom report that pulls the relevant information from their UKG solution and generates the required data – providing valuable insights.

Enhance Your UKG Solutions With CloudApper

For organizations that want to add custom features to UKG solutions, the CloudApper custom software development platform is the perfect tool. The platform offers organizations a wealth of opportunities to modify their UKG solutions to better meet their evolving requirements. By leveraging the expertise of ClodApper and its solution experts, UKG customers can add any functionality to their solution – helping optimize the workforce, reduce costs, identify gaps, and improve processes.