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How the Freemium Model has Changed Online Gaming for Good

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A freemium gaming app is a game that can installed and played on a mobile device for free but includes in-app purchases. This differs from what was known as the premium model, where gamers purchased a console and bought complete games separately. Continue below as we look more closely at how the freemium model has changed online gaming for good.

How the Freemium Model Works

The freemium online gaming model, also known as free-to-play, allows video game developers to give away the core game for free but still make some money. The developers make money by offering upgrades within the game that cost money for the player to obtain. One example of the freemium model can be seen in massively multiplayer online games, where it is possible to spend money on in-game items, such as weapons and skins. These have no real-world value but in the game, they can improve the chances of winning. Another example of the freemium model in video games is advertising. The is especially prevalent in mobile gaming and freemium games will have adverts that appear at different points throughout the game. If you want to remove the adverts from the game, you must pay a fee to the developer. Some players are happy to watch the advert and then continue playing but some players want to progress with the game quickly and will pay to remove the adverts. 

The freemium model extends to all types of games, from puzzle and platform games to sports and adventure games. Many social casinos offer freemium gaming like Funrize Casino as seen on site and you can begin playing the casino games for free using the premium points welcome bonus. When using premium points to play the games at Funrize Casino, you have a chance to win real cash prizes but you can also use the standard points to play over 10 different casino games for free.

Making Money from Online Games

There are still plenty of online video games that must be purchased to play but the freemium model is proving to very profitable. More people download free games than paid games and so online games available on the freemium model are more popular. That means the games are played by more people than they would be if they were only available for a fee. Some people, as highlighted above, will continue to play the game for free but there are enough people who make in-app purchases, such as to remove adverts, that the game makes a profit. In fact, some online game developers make more money from the freemium model than they do by charging a fee to play the game. 

Players Enjoy Free Games

From the perspective of the player, the freemium online gaming model is fantastic because it allows you to play games for free. There is no obligation to spend any money on the game and it is the perfect opportunity to try out a variety of online games without having to break the bank. The freemium model does not always means having to pay to progress in the game and enjoy the additional features. When freemium game developers get the model right, you can progress through to the end of an online game and be successful without spending any money. Patience is required as it will take longer to complete the game without spending any money but for the casual gamer, that is fine.

The main criticism from players about the way the freemium model has changed online gaming is when it gives those who are willing to spend a significant advantage. In online games where players are competing against each other in battles, the player who has spent more money on the game is going to have the best equipment to win the battle. That can make the game frustrating and almost unplayable for those who do not want to spend any money to purchase upgrades. However, with such a wide range of free online games to download and play, if you feel like you have no chance of winning a game without paying, you can simply try a different game. That is the beauty of the freemium online gaming model and why it is here to stay.