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How to Automate Your Home with Smart Devices: 5 Tips

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Smart devices don’t only bring convenience to you but also provide security and peace of mind. Over the years, there have been a plethora of valuable inventions in the smart home industry. For instance, a WiFi garage door opener lets you always keep an eye on the open-close status of the gate no matter where you are and provide access to others with the touch of a button. Likewise, installing motion sensor lights in your home prevents prospective intruders from breaking in.

With convenience and uncompromised functionality, you may want to build a smart home. We’ll share 5 tips to help you automate your home with smart devices the right way.

Tip #1: Start Small

By looking at the innovative technology in the market, you may be tempted to purchase all the awesome smart home features. However, this will not only make it harder for you to create a smart home but will also be quite heavy on your wallet.

You should start small and simple. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and will stay within your budget. For example, starting with smart lights will be affordable and easier to automate. Start installing them in one room, then move on to another. Once you’re done, you can move on to the next smart device.

Tip #2: Use Geofencing

Although this term may sound too technical to you, it triggers the actions of smart devices based on your entry or exit from the house. In other words, when you leave the house, the smart device will turn on or off. Smart thermostats are the best example. You should enable geofencing on such devices as you don’t want the thermostat to keep heating or cooling your home when you’re away, which means hefty bills.

Tip #3: Secure Yourself

Since there’s always a risk with technology, you should keep yourself, your family, and your house protected from cybercriminals. Make sure that you set unique and strong passwords for all your smart home devices. You certainly don’t want anyone else to take control of your devices. This also includes securing your Wi-Fi network with a strong password. Keep regularly updating the software of your smart devices and enable 2-factor authentication on your online accounts.

Tip #4: Name Your Smart Devices Appropriately

When naming your smart devices, set names that easily and instantly help you recognize the device you’re getting notified about. Furthermore, your smart speaker will use the same name for your smart device, so make sure the name is easy as this will allow you to control them without any hassle.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Most smart homeowners focus mainly on the indoors and forget about the outdoors. While you should obviously start off with the indoors, you should slowly move on to setting up the outdoors, too, to bring you more convenience and security. Some of the outdoor smart home devices you can install are pool water monitors, outdoor mowers, grills, outdoor cameras and lights, sprinklers, and doorbells. This way, you can gradually automate your home entirely with smart devices for utmost functionality and ease.