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How to Be Hippie in a Party

Hippies were prominent in the 60s and 70s wherein being a hippie was considered a lifestyle. These individuals generally sport long hair with an unconventional appearance. They were also known to rebel against war and promoted love and peace.

In this modern day and age, hippies are no longer striking, except for the imprint that they left in fashion. Every once in a while, there are people who travel back in time and host hippie-themed parties with an overall look and feel that is definitely nostalgic. Below are some tips on how you can be a hippie in a party, or host a hippie-themed one.


You can be a hippie in any party by going as one, dressed in a striking fashion statement that only hippies are able to pull off. Hippie clothing is loose and usually made of natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo. The experts behind the Hippie House suggest the use of bamboo clothing such as socks because not only are these soft and comfortable, the clothes made from the bamboo fiber are durable too. Hippies are not only after organic and sustainable clothing, but anything handmade was also greatly revered.

Popular Hippie Patterns

Go to a party wearing popular hippie patterns such as floral prints and tie-dyes. Floral prints significantly represented peace and love, which was what the hippie movement back in the day was all about. Otherwise, you can also sport some psychedelic designs, op art, paisley, as well as bold stripes.


The jewelry worn back in the day when hippies ruled the fashion scene was mostly handmade with designs largely influenced by nature. Beads and necklaces that bore the peace sign were also popular, as well as jewelry that made some kind of music such as pendants or anklets made of bells. For women, wearing anklets was considered as a signature statement as most hippies back in the day opt to go barefoot. You are most likely to get these kinds of accessories in a vintage store.

Get the Look

Women often wore flower bands in their hair and painted their faces or bodies with a peace sign. Hippie fashion was characterized by bell-bottomed jeans or tie-dyed skirts, as well as long flowing dresses or gypsy skirts. Some also go for fringed vests and peasant blouses. Come to think of it, these clothing styles have been a trend during the past recent couple of years, proving that the fashion statement which began during the hippie movement lives on.

While short and skimpy skirts were also a trend back in the 60s, hippies opt for long, loose peasant or granny dresses. They complete their look with flowing ribbons and flowers in their hair. Try out this look in attending a party for that unique hippie vibe.

Host your own hippie-themed party

Going as a hippie in a party is one of the ways to keep the hippie fashion and tradition alive, but hosting your own hippie-themed party is another. It is rather quite easy to do so and for sure you will have an enjoyable time from planning the party, executing it, and wrapping it up. Entice your guests with the hippie nation through your invitations, decorations, party favors, and program too.


One of the best designs for a hippie-themed party invitation involves a tie-dye that will get your guests in a groovy mood. In doing so, roll up some tie-dyed shirts and fasten them with a peace sign necklace and hand these over to your guests together with the invitation. You can also go for an invitation with bright colors and neon prints. For instance, print all the invitation details in a white piece of card stock and back it up with a slightly larger piece of card stock in a bold hue like aqua. Make sure to add some smileys and peace sign stickers too.


Give your venue a groovy glow by switching your lights to colored bulbs. In addition to this, make sure that hits from The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, and The Who are all in your playlist. Hang up some psychedelic blacklight posters in your party space and install some beaded curtains in your doorways. You can also opt for peace signs and floral patterns to decorate your walls. Bean bags in different colors are the perfect seating for your guests.

For the perfect photo op, a Volkswagen minivan used as a backdrop is a genius idea. In addition to this, try to find nostalgic 60s candies online such as atomic fireballs and scatter it around the tables like pieces of confetti. Otherwise, tie-dye balloons will make the perfect centerpiece too.

Party Favors

There are numerous party favors that you can give out to your guests such as sugar cookies decorated with smiley faces or peace signs. As soon as your guests enter the door, offer them a hippie bracelet, or have a basket of flowers ready for the ladies to put in their hair. Glow jewelry is also a perfect party favor as well as tambourines which is a musical instrument that every hippie played back then.


A hippie party is never without groovy music so make sure that you are loaded with some of the best songs from the most popular artists in the 60s. While the main event of your party is actually dancing non stop all night, you can also host some games such as spin art or shirt tie dye-making.

To wrap things up, you can be a hippie at a party by attending one in a complete hippie get up. Better yet, host your own hippie party such that you will be able to customize every little detail from your invitations, decorations, party favors, as well as the program. For sure your hippie-themed party will be remarkable not only to you but to your guests as well. But keep in mind that the most important thing is for you to have fun and enjoy the party you are attending or hosting.