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How to Become an AWS Partner?

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AWS is the world’s largest online retailer, and its affiliate program is – quite logically – the most popular in the world.

Amazon offers affiliates a commission of up to 10% on direct sales of certain products. Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing programs. In this article, we will look at how to become an aws partner, what are aws partner requirements, how to get aws partner certification, and lots of other useful things. We will try to consider all questions in as much detail as possible.

How to become AWS consulting partner? The basic steps to becoming AWS select partner:


Combined with a couple of the modules described below, WordPress is a powerful tool and completely free. Thus, the installation of WordPress is necessary for a proper understanding of further explanations.

Amazon affiliate program

How to become aws premier consulting partner? The following steps must be followed:

  • AMAZON affiliate account. You need to register an Amazon affiliate account to join Amazon as an affiliate. It’s pretty simple, follow the instructions on the Amazon website;
  • WORDPRESS Web Hosting. To get the most out of your Amazon affiliate program with WordPress, you need web hosting, of course;
  • WOOCOMMERCE AMAZON plugin. You’ll get the most out of your WordPress and Woo Commerce union and can import your niche products listed on Amazon to your site if you install the woo Commerce Amazon Affiliate plugin, which is very easy to use.

Thus, for a successful start, you need to meet aws partner requirements: WordPress, decent web hosting, an Amazon affiliate account, an Amazon plugin, and a WooCommerce-compatible WordPress theme.

You need to think carefully about choosing a product niche. Here are some tips on how to proceed:

  • Use a clever Google search to find what is the most common search query in your niche;
  • Selecting multiple products will help you in the long run;
  • Remember, it will take time to get everything ready, so your niche should have a long-term perspective.

Need help from an AWS-certified partner? More information can be obtained at 

Terms of cooperation with Amazon

How to become an AWS partner? There are two ways to make money with an Amazon affiliate. First, by adding links to products or services found on the site of the global giant to the pages of your existing website/blog/page in a social network. Secondly, there is the possibility of creating, filling with content, and consciously promoting a site specifically designed to make a profit on Amazon.

After signing up for the Amazon Associates program, you can start advertising your chosen products in the first option. In this case, you can save time and money because you do not need to invest in creating a fundamentally new project, but this option has disadvantages. For example, you will have to select the products most suited to the subject of an existing website or blog. In addition, substantial profit will only bring a project with many live visitors.


The second option, namely creating a site specifically for the Amazon affiliate program, is easier because you will initially know how to design, implement, and then promote the project properly.

AWS partner requirements

How to become AWS security partner? To pass the AWS partner certification and make a profit from sales, you need to solve 2 global tasks:

  • Register with Amazon Associates by following a few steps and add your site to this program;
  • Create, populate and promote a website with traffic that will be redirected to your chosen AWS pages.

How to become AWS training partner? Step-by-step registration in the AWS partner program:

  • Filling in the account owner information (first name, last name, email, password)
  • Adding payment information (name, bank address, zip code);
  • Filling in information about the site, where affiliate links to Amazon will be posted, in the form of so-called special links, banners, widgets, or other ad units. Here you can add up to 50 sites at a time – Amazon has made provisions for partners to redirect traffic from various sources (this may be, for example, sites not only specially created and promoted for Amazon but also personal blogs with a large number of visitors, and accounts in social networks);
  • In the profile, you will have to specify in detail the level of attendance at your sites, how you plan to attract traffic, how and where links to products or services from Amazon will be added, and the grounds for your joining an affiliate program. You will even need to remember where you learned of the existence of Amazon Associates;
  • You will need to provide a valid phone number and verify it. After entering the number in the international format, we press the “Call Me Now” button and wait for the machine to call. Then we listen to the automatically generated PIN code, enter it into the corresponding window and wait for confirmation. If everything is done correctly, in several seconds, you will get an opportunity to use all the site’s functions.

Important! You should carefully fill in all data, especially passport data and bank details. If you make a mistake, it may be difficult to correct it because the technical support service may ask you to provide scanned copies of the documents. In addition, the verification process may take days or even weeks instead of just a few minutes.


Developing a business within the AWS affiliate program, it is essential not to forget that the trading floor has strict rules, which must be followed. Unfortunately, there are cases when incorrect actions on the seller lead to the complete blocking of the account and non-payment of funds. To avoid this, you need to consider a few nuances:

  • Use only your accurate data;
  • Do not use the word Amazon or any of its modifications in the name of your site;
  • Be sure to place a message on your site for buyers that you are working in the framework of an affiliate program from Amazon.

The AWS affiliate program is a modern and proven way to make money online. But remember, it will take time and patience for you to get rich.