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How To Bet On CS:GO At A Rabona Bookmaker

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the popular eSports disciplines. Betting on CS:GO via a Rabona bookmaker attracts players with competitive odds, regular competitions, simple analysis and frequent sensational outcomes. On the Internet, you can find game statistics for detailed analysis and tips for betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Basics Of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which gamers play as terrorists and special forces.

At most world and regional tournaments, each team contains 5 cyber-specialists.

In some locations, the terrorists must plant and detonate a bomb, while the SWAT team must thwart a terrorist attack. In other locations, the special forces must free the hostages, while the terrorists must prevent an evacuation.

To win a round you must complete the task or destroy the opponent’s team.

World and regional Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are held in formats: Best of 1 – up to 1 win, Best of 3 – up to 2 wins, Best of 5 – up to 3 wins.

In 2022, the competitions for CS:GO use 7 locations:

  • Mirage;
  • Inferno;
  • Overpass;
  • Vertigo;
  • Nuke;
  • Ancient;
  • Dust 2.

To win a CS:GO location, you must win 16 rounds.

Analysis Of Cybersports Duels

To place winning bets via a Rabona bookmaker, it’s necessary to conduct a detailed pre-match analysis:

  • Team and individual rankings of athletes;
  • Results of recent confrontations, statistics of performances at different locations;
  • Psychological and physical state of athletes;
  • Team composition and personnel changes;
  • Types of tournaments and competition prize pools.

At prestigious international Major tournaments with a large prize pool, teams play at their full strength. At smaller tournaments with a small pool of awards, strong teams may play without motivation.

Each team has favorite and disliked locations where players show different results.

Types Of Bets On CS:GO

A Rabona bookmaker and other trusted bookies offer a variation of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting list with different types of bets:

  • V1 or V2 outcomes – you can bet on a win at the end of the match and in the location;
  • Totals more or less – players make deals on total cards, rounds and kills, in duels of equal opponents it’s better to bet on the upper totals, in matches of favorites and outsiders – on the lower totals;
  • Positive or negative handicaps – you can bet on the victory with handicaps (-1.5) or (+1.5) in the meeting or win with handicaps in rounds, bookmakers offer plus handicaps on outsiders, minus – on favorites;
  • Exact score of the match – in matches according to the Bo3 system, it’s possible to bet on the score 2:0, 2:1, 0:2, 1:2;
  • The result of the competition – the winner of the tournament;
  • Others – a victory on at least one location, the exact number of locations won, individual kill totals, even or odd location totals.

Features Of Betting On CS:GO

Here are the main features of betting:

  • Bookmakers put up the most varied rosters with extra marquee and often increase the maximums closer to the start time of the fight;
  • Bookmakers cover the majority of tournaments with streams – players use broadcasts when placing bets in play;
  • Duels don’t provide for a draw – one side always wins;
  • Analysts put more favorable quotes on outsiders, so betting on the matches of weak teams in the long term is more profitable;
  • Many bookmakers from time to time organize campaigns with freebies and other prizes for betting on CS:GO.

Fans of eSports betting via a Rabona bookmaker should play CS:GO in competitive mode to better understand the peculiarities of the game and tournament locations.