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How to Bet on Ice Hockey?

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Ice hockey is probably not one of the first sports that come to mind when you think of betting despite its popularity. It evokes similar emotions as other sports from excitement to sadness with its thrilling gameplay and competitiveness.

Thanks to the NHL, the ice hockey market is as lucrative as the NBA and NFL betting markets. Do not let its subtlety fool you, you can make some good money betting on the sport.

Before betting, you need an understanding of how the sport works. You need to come up to speed with the rules, teams, odds, statistics and betting types using betting information from the site

This article will break these basics down for you.

Getting Ready 

Like all betting, knowledge is power. You need all the information you can get about how a sport works before diving into the deep end.

As a punter, you should know the rules, odds and statistics.


Ice hockey is played on a field of ice called a rink. Each team has up to 20 players but only can play up to six players at a time, five outfields and one goalkeeper.

The goal of the game is to score the puck into the other team’s goal. The team with the most goals/points at the end of the three periods is the winner. Each period lasts 20 minutes.


Odds can be your greatest ally or greatest enemy and determine how much you can win on a bet you make. There are three types of bets you can choose from in ice hockey; moneyline, decimal and fractional.


Information is your friend in ice hockey. You need to gather information including the history of teams, scores, rivalries, player injuries and championships won.

Knowing these statistics will help you make informed bets that are more likely to pay you. You can find this information at the official NHL website or other independent sites.

Betting Methods

Ice hockey offers plenty of betting options. The rule of thumb to remember is that the more complex a bet is, the higher the reward. The simpler it is, the lower the reward. ockey


This does not mean you should go for more complex bets but that you should understand your betting competency before choosing one. Here are the betting options.


You place two or more bets for more than one team. The catch is that you need to get all the bets right to win.


If you are starting, this is a great bet. The condition is to predict who wins between two teams. Easy as that.


This is a high-stake bet where you bet on the outcome of the whole league. Due to its high-risk, winning means you will be rewarded big.


You predict the total match goals for both teams as either over or under the bookies’ odds. 


If you have heard of points spread, a puck line bet is quite similar. You predict the score difference of the winning team. It should be greater than the bookies’ odds.


This bet is based on the outcome of a season rather than one event or game. It could be predicting the season champion or MVP. It is high risk with high reward.


This is not a rewarding bet but it can be fun. It relies on something happening or not. An example would be a team scoring first or which player scores the first goal.

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This is like the totals bet but for every game played on the day. You predict the total scores by all the teams for a match day.


You make predictions during gameplay though the odds will change as well as the game continues.


Before betting on ice hockey, you should understand the basics and betting types to make the best of your time and money. You can start with simpler bets but as you get the hang of things, try out more complex bets that come with greater rewards.

Remember, have fun but bet responsibly.