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How to Bet on Live Sport as it Unfolds

The COVID 19 pandemic has had an undeniable effect on society and as sport makes a tentative return to action, the prospect of fans returning to watch games in stadiums still seems a long way away.

Whilst people were never short of sporting action to watch on the TV, the new age of sports following will involve watching fixtures from the comfort of your own home.

For sports betting enthusiasts, this presents a different range of challenges for those looking to win big when betting on sport.

Choose Your Bookmaker Wisely

The increase in popularity of online betting in recent years has seen a huge number of bookmakers burst onto the scene and inevitably, some bookies are worth betting with and some simply are not.

Finding a bookmaker that is registered with the relevant gambling authorities is essential and always be sure to do your research on the bookmaker before depositing any funds into your account.

Most bookmakers are competitive when it comes to offering the best odds to punters, but make sure you shop around when looking to maximise any potential winnings.

In addition, always look for a bookmaker that offers customer support. There are plenty of terms and conditions to abide by as a punter so look out for a bookie that will provide a level of customer care should you need it.

Develop a Betting Strategy

Of course, on the face of it betting is simple. Place a bet, watch your selection win and cash in your money.

Inevitably however, betting on sport always throws up its fair share of thrills and spills and you need a foolproof betting strategy to help you on your way.

If you are new to betting, seek out simple bets and odds, to allow you to become accustomed with specific bets and the payments you could receive from them.

Also, having sport specific knowledge is always useful when betting so try to watch as much sport as possible and make an informed decision when placing a bet – rather than betting impulsively.

Whilst it should go without saying, betting can be dangerous financially so be sure to bet within your means and remember that fun should be at the forefront of your mind when punting.

Utilize the Welcome Offers

Such is the competition for custom between online bookmakers, that all of the major bookies across the world offer new customers enticing welcome offers to get punters to sign up.

Most welcome promotions consist of offering a new customer free bet tokens once they sign up for and deposit funds into an account.
Welcome offers can fluctuate massively in value, but they are a great opportunity for punters to become familiar with a specific bookmakers’ website and develop confidence when betting.

Traditionally, welcome offers tend to come with a range of terms and conditions, with each bookmaker operating to their own set of rules – so ensure you read up on the T’s & C’s before you sign up.

In-Play Betting

As well as welcome offers, in-play betting presents the perfect chance for punters to win big, whilst watching the live sporting action.

Most major bookmakers offer live in-play markets on over 30 different sports, giving punters plenty of opportunity to add to their bank balance.

From predicting which team will score the next goal, all the way down to which tennis player will win a specific point, in-play betting is as intricate as it gets for sports fans.

Watching sport is always exhilarating, regardless of which team/player you support, and in-play betting can take your sports watching experience to the next level.