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How to Bet on the NFL with Bitcoin

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Football season is now underway and, thanks to the rapid rollout of legal sports betting in many US states, more people than ever are looking to bet on games, hoping to scoop huge sums by making winning predictions.

There are many ways to fund an online sportsbook account, but one of the most popular is Bitcoin – the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. But how exactly do you bet on the NFL with Bitcoin? That’s what you’ll find out when you continue reading this page.

Purchase and Deposit Bitcoin

You’ll first need to purchase some Bitcoin from a crypto exchange, before transferring it to your wallet, and then over to the sportsbook’s wallet. It’s a simple process and not one most people will need help with. If you do need help understanding the process, there are plenty of Bitcoin purchasing guides online.

Betting on Football with Bitcoin

Now you’ve got some money in your sportsbook account, you can start betting on the NFL. However, before you even start looking for bets, you need to do plenty of research – something known as handicapping.

You should know as much as possible about the NFL, so read all the news articles you can, watch videos from NFL experts on YouTube, and take in as much NFL action as possible. By immersing yourself in the NFL, you’ll be able to make educated bets, and educated bets are the ones with the best chances of winning.

Once you’ve done your research, you can start looking at the various NFL markets offered by a sportsbook. Don’t just look at moneyline odds – instead, take the time to also look at spreads, totals, and prop bets. Those who bet on the NFL with Bitcoin will have access to all the same markets as those betting using different payment methods. 

When looking, you should be trying to find bets that seem to have higher-than-merited odds. This is a very important step when you bet on the NFL with Bitcoin. It helps to gamble at a sportsbook known for high odds, such as Cloudbet.

Once you’ve found the bet you want to make, add it to your bet slip and choose who much to bet, remembering to only bet money you can afford to lose. After the bet has been placed, you can sit down in front of the TV and watch the game, in the hope that your bet turns out to be a winner!

Bet Live on NFL with Bitcoin

Betting before a game is very popular, but so is betting on live NFL games using Bitcoin. Live betting is now offered at all good betting sites, including Cloudbet, and is the best way to add extra excitement to any football game – even the most boring matchups.

Betting live on football is easy. Just head to the live betting section of your chosen sportsbook and then look through the various live odds being offered for the game. Then just use your knowledge to place a bet on what you think will happen next. However, bet carefully, as the odds change almost constantly to reflect the game’s state of play.

Payouts for Winning Bitcoin Bets

Managed to make a winning NFL bet using Bitcoin? If so, you’ll probably want to get your hands on your prize. Doing so is easy: just head to the cashier and follow the simple instructions to transfer your money from the sportsbook to your Bitcoin wallet.

Once you’ve requested the withdrawal, you’ll find that the money is transferred very quickly. You can then sell the Bitcoin at an exchange for fiat currency, which is transferred straight to your bank account.