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How to Build a Career in Tech Without a Computer Science Degree

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If you are interested in technology and a career in this field, you may feel discouraged by the idea of getting a computer science degree. These can get expensive, take 4+ years of your life away and leave you with the knowledge you can mostly pick up online. Many roles in the technology industry do not require a computer science background. 


Today, we will explore how to build a career in the technology industry without this degree. We’ll discuss the various positions available in the tech field so that you can learn about yourself. We will also provide tips and resources for gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to make yourself a name in the field. 

Tech Roles that Don’t Require a Computer Science Degree

Technology is a great field because there are no limits to what or where you can conduct your business. For example, if you want to do business internationality, you do not even need translators anymore. Some roles requiring no computer science degree include project management, design, user experience, user interface, data analysis, and many more. 

Project management roles are great for all who are organized and like to see everything on paper. They require the skills of communication and leadership, as well as people skills. Overseeing the planning, execution, delivery, as well as correcting and editing projects, is what you would be tasked with. 

Design, on the other hand, requires creativity, people, and tech skills. This is one of the rare industries where you can show your creating potential. Besides designing logos and homepages, you could also be a designer of User Interface or User Experience designer and be responsible for creating individual aesthetic elements in different digital products. Sometimes you may need some tutorials or instructions to be translated. In this case, you can address PickWriters. It contains reviews of trustworthy companies that can handle your task at the best prices and in the shortest time.

How to Gain Skills and Knowledge

If you are interested in a career in tech but don’t have a computer science degree, there are many ways to gain all the skills you need to succeed in the field. One option is free courses and training materials that will help you get a head start in the field. If you decide to enrich these with a plethora of video materials you can find online, you will easily become an expert in any field within two years. 

Another option is to attend a tech boot camp. This is a great option for those who work better in groups or need more guidance during their learning period. Tech boot camps are very short-term, usually shorter than three months. Still, they are much more intensive and provide knowledge in popular areas, including data analysis, coding, UI/UX design, etc. 

If you want a more hands-on approach, you should consider volunteering or joining an apprenticeship program. You will be offered on-hands experience in the real world, where you will be able to learn the necessary skills and gain the experience to do your job by yourself. 

Networking and Building Relationships

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of networking and seeking mentorship and advice from experienced professionals in the industry. Attend tech events, join online communities, and seek opportunities to connect with professionals in your interest. Building relationships with experienced professionals can help you gain valuable insights and advice, potentially leading to job opportunities.

Building a Portfolio

Building a portfolio is a crucial step in building a successful career in tech without a computer science degree. Tailor your portfolio to the specific area of tech you’re interested in and include projects that showcase your skills and experience. Keep your portfolio up-to-date and organized in a clear and easy-to-navigate manner, with a brief introduction and examples of your work. A strong portfolio can help you stand out to potential employers or clients and showcase your potential as a tech professional.

Landing a Job

Landing your first job will probably be the most difficult project for you to find. It may take over a month for you to start attracting and working with different clients. You should be persistent and look for work on different platforms. Upwork, Freelancer and LinkedIn are some commonly used platforms that connect you with experts worldwide. 

When writing job proposals, it is always necessary to tailor them to your clients’ needs. You should also be able to contact WritingUniverse to help you with the first few proposals. This way, you can have professionals deal with the writing part, which you can then use to help you learn how to write good proposals. 


In conclusion, building a successful career in tech without a computer science degree is achievable with the right mindset, resources, and approach. You can build a fulfilling and successful career in the industry by exploring the various tech roles available and finding one that aligns with your interests and skills. You can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed through free online courses, tech boot camps, apprenticeships, and networking. 

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