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How to Buy a Powerball Lottery Ticket Online?

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The U.S. Powerball is the most popular lottery in the world. One of the main reasons is that the jackpot starts at $40 million, and there is no jackpot cap, which means it can grow indefinitely until it is won.

How is Powerball Played?

Powerball is a two-drum lottery game where one drum holds 69 white balls, and the other contains 26 red balls. Five white balls are drawn from one drum, and one red ball is drawn from the other, called the Powerball. While buying the lottery, you can choose the quick pick option where the numbers are drawn randomly for you, or you can select all the five numbers and the power ball number yourself on a play slip. You can see it here at 파워볼사이트.

When the withdrawal happens, they select winning numbers using two drums. Players that match at least 3 white balls or the red Powerball win. Many T.V. channels broadcast the number drawing live. You will also find the results on their website.

The jackpot is won when you get 5 correct white balls and the Powerball. This jackpot starts at $40 million and has no upper limit, and the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201.338.

Can You Buy the Powerball Ticket Online?

The Powerball ticket is usually bought physically from a drugstore, gas station, or grocery store authorized to distribute it. But recently, many people have been wondering if they could get their hands on these tickets online.

Several third-party websites sell Powerball tickets online, but you need to understand that these platforms sell you a COPY of the original ticket. To collect your winnings, you will have to produce the original ticket copy, which is not in your possession. This means you are putting an awful lot of trust in these third-party platforms, especially if you win a significant price. Maybe you can trust them if you win small prices, as collecting winnings through these third-party online platforms may just work. But do you trust them enough to be honest about mailing you the original ticket for you to collect your winnings? Remember, a copy of the original ticket will not be considered valid for collecting the price.

What Does Powerball Website Mention?

As per the OFFICIAL POWERBALL WEBSITE, some lotteries do sell Powerball tickets over the internet, but they offer their services only to the residents of that jurisdiction. The sale of these tickets over the internet or sending in the mail across the jurisdiction borders is only permitted to licensed retailers, and provided that the buyers meet the legal age requirement in the jurisdiction of purchase. Federal and jurisdictional income taxes may apply to any claimed prize money.

The rules above clearly state that although you may not be a U.S. citizen, you must physically visit the U.S. to purchase a ticket. You also need to read your country’s rules too, as sometimes the country you are a citizen of won’t let you claim U.S. prize money.

The Bottom Line:

With so many bells and whistles around, we strongly advise you against buying an online Powerball ticket through a third-party website. You should get one only if you can buy it on their OFFICIAL website, which is currently unavailable. As long as the original ticket is not in your possession, you should not indulge in getting a Powerball ticket online.