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How to Buy Best Toilet for You: Features & What to Look For

The toilet is one of the healthiest developments in our home. The role of toilet is essential to keep the environment healthy and wholesome. However, it is not like any other toilet. The toilet must be good, it must be healthy, it must be clean and tidy. If we think about it five to ten years ago, the toilets are much more modern and healthier now than they were then. 

We will highlight the different aspects and features of good toilet in this article. Hopefully with these features in mind you can choose the toilet you want from the site above. Most of the people have a question that how to buy the best toilet? How to find the best featured toilets? What to look for when purchase a toilet? How he will choose what is the best toilet for him. 

I wish, you will get all of these question’s answers through this article. These guidelines will help you to choose the best and healthiest toilet according to your needs. And if you’re thinking about what color to paint your toilet, here is your guide to the 2021 colour of the year.

Let’s start.

The Basic Things Consider Choosing A Toilet

The first thing to consider before buying a toilet is the budget. You must fix your budget to buy a toilet. Then you have to see if the toilet is properly flashed. And at the same time, you have to make sure that the toilet of your choice fits with your bathroom. 

Simply put, the most important thing to keep in mind is the power of the toilet. The more power a toilet can generate, the better it can clean your toilet with the water we know as a flush system. You can check to get market-leading 12 best toilets. Currently low flow toilets are gaining more popularity in the world. In America, now everyone in the house uses low flow toilets. 

Which Things Need to Consider Before Purchasing Toilets?

As discussed in the above paragraph, it was very basic. But if you want to do a little advance supervision of the toilet, then these things should be taken care of. 

  • Consider different types of toilet. Choose the design and the best match for your bathroom. You should understand the mechanism behind the toilet. Ask the store man about the mechanism. Do some research. If you buy products online, read the product descriptions carefully. 
  • Choose Gravity Assisted Toilets. These toilets are more commonly used in North America. If you have a small family, then standard gravity-assisted toilet is the best option for you.
  • Consider vacuum-assisted toilet to purchase. This type of toilet is very powerful in flushing.
  • Try to select a powerful toilet. These toilets have motors of 0.2 horsepower and are capable of preventing the wastage of about 2,000 gallons of water per family. This amount is calculated every year.
  • You may choose also duel flush toilet. This toilet will be a good choice for your family, because they are known as eco-friendly toilet.
  • Different types of smart toilets are available in the market. Try to buy the model that suits best for your bathroom.
  • Basically, the toilet model is divided into two types, One-piece and Two-piece. Choose the one that is right for you. 
  • You will find different shapes and different height toilets in the market. Pick the right height for you.
  • There are some toilets with attached faucets. If you need a faucet, you can choose a toilet with faucet.
  • Maybe you will get different colored toilets again. But if you are looking for something standard, I would say you to prefer white toilets. This is because white toilets provide more protection from bacteria. Moreover, if your toilet is dirty, it can be easily caught in white toilets.
  • There is a type of toilet called wall hung toilet that will be attached directly to the wall of your bathroom. These are very easy to clean. You can put it on your favorites list. 
  • In plumbing terms, a “rough-in” is that the distance from the wall behind of the toilet to the bolt cap of your toilet. The standard toilets generally have a 10”, 12” or 14” rough-in. This distance determines the kind of bathroom your journey man will install.

Some Common Features Need to Consider Before Purchasing Toilet

There are some common things to keep in mind when buying a toilet. We all know these things more or less, but when we go shopping, it is not in our heads. That is why the discussion on those minor general issues is given below:

  • We need to decide the bowl. There are two types of bowl in the market. Round Bowl and Elongated Bowl. Elongated bowl is more effective if the size of your bathroom is large. 
  • You need to consider water efficiency. These types of toilets will greatly reduce your annual water bill.
  • Quick release toilets are easy to move.
  • There are many of us who are annoyed to clean the toilet every day. Some bugs area unit coated with associate bactericide glaze, preventing dirt and microorganism buildup.
  • Toilet Bidet Technology helps you to be hygiene. This technology will help you to clean your personal area with water even after using tissue paper. So, you can choose toilets with Bidet technology.

Some Special Awareness Tips 

  • Try to avoid buying those toilets which are making so noise. Buy the one that has more flush power, but make sure the sound is not excessive.
  • Try to avoid buying nonstandard parts. Even if the standard parts are expensive, try to buy them.
  • Don’t buy a colorful toilet. Purchase a one color white toilet. The toilet seat is great if it can be disconnected. This will allow you to transfer your toilet when you move.

Final Verdict

Healthy and standard toilet is good for the environment and good for health also. But your responsibility as a homeowner is to choose a perfect toilet for yourself. That is why it is very important to choose the right toilet. If you have read our article in full, you can easily choose the right toilet for you. Remember all the time, a proper toilet is a good investment for your home.