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How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously: Some Recommendations

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When purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies via exchanges, you need to provide those platforms with your personal data. No matter what size of trade you are going to conduct, some of your information will be available to the company that stands behind a particular exchange. It doesn’t cause a big problem if you are not looking for privacy. However, if you want to keep your personal data undisclosed to whoever, our experts will give you some valuable recommendations.

Buy Cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin AMTs are growing in popularity because of their advantages as compared to standard ATMs that you are naturally used to using in your daily routine. Unlike fiat kiosks of this type, those with the Bitcoin mark on their faces allow you to buy cryptocurrency directly and with the highest level of anonymity.

The process looks pretty simple. You need to scan the QR code in your cryptocurrency wallet and make a fingerprint verification. Next, you need to input the amount of BTC that you want to purchase and put your fiat money into a special slot. The equal BTC amount will be transferred to your crypto wallet immediately.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

One of the ways to buy Bitcoins anonymously is to conduct p2p transactions. This type of operation is done between two people directly without any intermediary. P2P transactions are, therefore, more risky as no one can guarantee that the other part of the deal will meet all his or her obligations. However, p2p transactions are still very popular as the only commission you need to pay is to blockchain miners for their work. With this in mind, such financial operations remain attractive even with all the risks involved.

Peering transactions may be conducted both online and offline, meaning you can send your fiat money to your counterpart online or give it to him or her directly when you meet them.

Using Prepaid Cards to Buy BTC

If you are looking for a way to purchase Bitcoin anonymously, you can buy a prepaid card without providing the payment provider with your personal data and spend money from it to buy BTC. Such transactions can be done via platforms like LocalBitcoins or Paxful. You can also use a prepaid card in your p2p transactions or even buy Bitcoins via BTC ATMs that accept cards.

Final Words

Those are the most popular ways to buy BTC anonymously. As you can see, such methods give you a lot of opportunities to purchase your favourite cryptocurrencies. Some of them may involve risks, like buying Bitcoin from other people, but you can minimize them by conducting such transactions with those whom you trust. By the way, some cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to stay anonymous if your volumes are lower than certain limits set by those companies. You can also buy BTC there if your transaction amounts are considered small.