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How to Buy Coinbase Stock: Guidelines and Forecasts

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Most investors think of this service only as a trading platform. But it is also a company with an impressive record and excellent prospects. In practice, in terms of capitalization, it is a leader among all exchanges. So, investing in its stock looks like a high-potential opportunity. See extra arguments and guidelines below.

Coinbase Global (or COIN) is a fast-growing online international exchange that offered its stock to the public market a few months ago ― in April 2021. And, over such a short period, it managed to grow in price to about $330 so far, while its initial price was $250. As of now, this company can boast about 260 million shares and a capitalization of around $86 billion, which is record-breaking compared to other online exchanges. Hence, it is not surprising that so many experts are certain of its cheerful prospects as an investment project.

So, let us give you step-by-step instructions on how to buy Coinbase stock:

  1. Make an account on a stock trading service chosen and deposit it. We recommend you try Webull as it does not charge any commissions for stock trades. Besides, you can safely turn to Binance or eOption. Be ready that, like any other legitimate exchange, it requires its new clients to pass through identity verification procedures. That usually takes 1–2 days.
  2. Deposit your balance. After your identity is confirmed, you can safely make your first deposit via ACH or wire transfer. Again, that can also take 1–2 days.
  3. Open the stock page of COIN and scrutinize it. Find the search bar at the top and type the name of the stock you are interested in. So, you will be provided with all the basic information: the real-time quotes, Nasdaq’s last sale, opening rate, highest price, volume, market cap, etc. Make a deep analysis to determine whether it is a good time to make an investment.
  4. Check the section “Analysis”. There, you can familiarize yourself with recommendations by experts ― the rating and the prompts whether you should buy or sell this stock at a current moment.
  5. Make a purchase. Open the page with the corresponding quote, select between a share and a set price, pick up a payment method, and confirm your request.

In sum, as of now, Coinbase stock is one of the most promising choices. This company is currently going through a period of rapid growth. There are certain risks related to cryptocurrency regulation perspectives, but, in general, most forecasts are positive.