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How to Buy XRP on Coinbase Guide

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XRP is the internal currency of the RippleNet network. This network is operated by Ripple. Ripple was created as an alternative payment method for the banking system, and not as an alternative to traditional money and a traditional banking system.

The best way to buy Ripple XRP

The exchange operates in over 100 countries and is easy to use, suitable even for beginners.

How to Buy XRP on Coinbase:

  1. Create an account. Getting started on Coinbase is very easy, fast, and safe.
  2. Confirm your identity. Take a picture of your ID to confirm your identity.
  3. Coinbase allows you to buy XRP for as little as $25.

The amount of commission for your purchase depends on the country in which you make the purchase, but on average you’ll pay about 3.99% for a quick debit/credit card purchase and 1.49% for a standard transaction.

What do I need to do to enter a crypto exchange?

First, understand the tools found on any exchange. These include a price chart, order creation form, order book or stock book, trading volume information, and transaction history. In order to successfully buy and trade cryptocurrency, you need to choose a platform that meets your wants and needs. In addition, you need to choose a cryptocurrency wallet. Each electronic currency has separate specialized wallets.

What are the benefits of buying Ripple (XRP)?

Investing in Ripple may interest you when you look at the benefits of this cryptocurrency:

–  A transaction on the Ripple network takes 3.5 seconds;

–  XRP has the ambitious goal of reforming the financial system, introducing blockchain technology into the banking community, and using it to perform current tasks faster;

–  banks are already using Ripple for payments, which is becoming increasingly attractive to institutional investors;

–  XRP blockchain has excellent capitalization;

–  XRP consumes no energy and does not harm the environment due to pre-mining! The same BTC consumes incomparably more energy per transaction simply because its blockchain uses the PoW consensus;

–       Ripple gives you the ability to manage the identity of the parties who exchange data. This privacy is a guarantee of security.

Online exchanges

If you want to buy Ripple quickly, the exchangers will come to your aid. Below you can find proven and convenient exchange services:

  1.   You can buy Ripple for Visa/MasterCard using Indacoin, a popular international exchanger. The input currency is USD. A huge plus is the availability of the many language version.
  2.     Buying for fiat currencies also supports exchanger Coinmama.
  3.     Before you buy ripple, look at the rate and conditions of the exchanger.

The rate in online exchangers is lower by about 1-1.5% than on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Of the disadvantages – the numerous commissions, which are sure to take away a significant part of the money. But the advantage of this method is that it is very simple and great if you decide to buy a cryptocurrency for the first time.

Buying Ripple on an exchange

If you’re wondering how to buy Ripple profitably, you’re likely to find the main way to buy Ripple – through the specialized cryptocurrency exchange Binance. In addition, some services monitor all exchanges and display a list with the current rate for each cryptocurrency. One of them is CoinMarketCap, which pulls rates from all exchanges in real-time to select the most acceptable one.

American Exchange Coinbase

American exchange Coinbase leads many ratings of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is one of the first platforms for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies. It appeared in 2012, three years after the launch of the Bitcoin network. To date, the service operates in 102 countries and offers more than 40 trading pairs for purchase (their availability depends on the region). Some cryptocurrencies are available only through Coinbase Pro – a trading platform “for advanced traders”.