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How to Buy XRP With ETH

Cryptocurrencies have now become an indispensable element of our world. The market is flooded with different altcoins and it is difficult for newcomers to choose which one is the best option for them. Nevertheless, the major cryptos in the industry today are Bitcoin. Ethereum and Ripple. And if the first one is the giant of crypto world, the remaining two are on their way to the pedestal.

Ripple is a foremost blockchain network solution, providing its clients an opportunity to make instant payments all around the globe. Its native token is XRP — this crypto is being used with certain payment systems of the firm, which states that XRP transactions are 1000 times faster and cheaper than those of BTC.

Another leading digital currency is Ethereum. It is a worldwide, open-source platform for decentralized apps. Along with other cryptos it uses a blockchain framework, which resembles BTC, but it has new features, for example smart contracts.

Both Ripple and Ethereum are very important currencies in the crypto sphere, necessary for different uses. We made a decision to draw up a manual on how to buy ripple with ethereum. Our choice fell on Quickex instant swapping platform, which is our favorite. It is distinguished by its user-friendliness, security and really fast swaps versus similar services. There are just 5 (or even 4) simple steps clients need to follow to complete a transaction, namely:

  1. This step is optional — you can sign up if you want to. You will have to provide your e-mail address to register on the website.

  2. To see the list of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform scroll the page down. Find the headline “Popular exchanges” and click on the “ETH to XRP” button.

  3. Now you are on the exchange page. Find the space for amount input in the box. Write down how much of ethereum tokens you want to swap and hit the button “Exchange.”

  4. Pay attention to the order details. Check carefully that all the information, including the quantity of coins is accurate and all the conditions are suitable for you. Write down in the text boxes your wallet addresses (XRP and ETH) and send your funds to the Quickex wallet.

  5. At this stage, the actual exchange process begins. It consists of three steps, which are:
    -Confirmation. The platform starts to swap ETH for XRP after it receives blockchain confirmation.
    -The exchange. On Quickex It usually takes about 10-15 minutes, but in some cases it can last from 5 to 30 minutes.
    -Now the platform sends money to your XRP wallet. Check it when the transaction is completed.

Congrats, you made an exchange! Now you are fully aware of how to buy XRP with ETH. The process is simple and identical to swapping of other tokens on Quickex. You shouldn’t be scared if you don’t see the money in your wallet promptly. There are situations when an additional confirmation can be required before you see your coins. You just have to be patient and wait for a moment and the money you received will soon be shown.