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How to Choose a Natural Hair Topper for Elders?

Hair Loss isn’t easy to deal with, no matter what stage of life it begins. Our hair plays a pretty major role in our lives, and there are a lot of self-expressions attached to it. So, whenever we want to change our look drastically, we aim for the hair! But when it starts to thin out, it can be a major blow to our confidence. That’s the situation a natural hair topper can easily rescue one from! 

Hair toppers are pieces of extensions that sit right on top of the head. They’re great for women suffering hair thinning at the very top of their heads and have comparatively more volume around the rest of their heads. Adding the hair topper immediately “fills the gap” and makes the hair appear fuller again. 

In this post, we’re going to be discussing everything you need to know about natural hair toppers, why they’d make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom or someone that’s just as close to your heart, and how you can choose the right one for them! 

Why Should You Go for the Natural Hair Topper?

There’s nothing as good as the gift of confidence. An elder getting that “look of their youth” type of confidence back instantly is a gift that will change their life with more positive images!  

A hair topper for women’s hair loss can take a woman that’s not feeling the best about her hair to feeling like she’s back in her 30s. There are two hair toppers: human hair toppers and synthetic hair toppers. Synthetic hair toppers have a fake sheen, and the parting gives it away too. With that, they’re pretty much impossible to blend in with the natural hair and would always make for an “obvious wig” type of a look. That’s not what anyone wants their hair to look like.  

The best women’s human hair toppers are the ones that are made with natural hair because they have the texture it takes to blend the hair topper in with the rest of the hair, allowing for a seamless, discreet fit! Plus, most natural hair toppers offer a large range of colors, so even if you don’t need to worry about the perfect color match. Plus, natural hair toppers can be styled with heat, making them even easier to blend into the rest of the hair!

So How Do You Pick the Perfect Natural Hair Topper for Ladies?

Three main steps go into it: Style, Size, and Color.

  • Style

The first thing you need to check is what style you should go for. The woman you’re getting the natural hair topper for, her natural hair should make the type and style of the topper itself. If she’s got straight hair, go for a straight hair topper. If she’s a curly girl, make sure the curl pattern matches hers perfectly. 

Then, figure out if the natural hair topper should have bangs cut in or not. This is important because, unlike natural hair, hair toppers don’t grow, so once you’ve got the bang, you’re stuck with it.

  • Size

There are different sizes of natural hair toppers for different types of women. They usually range from 6” clips to 20” ones, so the area of hair loss they cover up differs significantly. Make sure you know exactly how big she’d want the natural topper to be. Ensuring that it would cover everything while still being comfortable at the same time.

  • Color

Finally, the hair color should be as close to the perfect match as possible. Sure, it is possible to dye a natural hair topper, but it’s always best to subject it to as little chemical and heat damage as possible. So, try to find the right match from the start. This can be achieved by standing beside the window, taking a picture of the hair color under the natural sunlight, and then trying to match it with one of the available options for the closest fit!

Finding the Right Hair Topper Is Everything 

Now that you know how to pick the best hair topper, there’s still one detail you need to be mindful of. Please make sure you get it from the right place! E-Litchi makes some of the best natural hair toppers in the industry, and we come in lots of different styles and colors, ensuring that there’s an option out there for every woman. Whether you’re trying to find a whacky color or cut, we’ve got a hair topper for everyone!