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How to Choose a Perfect Dough Roller?

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Rolling the dough in your hands allows achieving a perfect texture and fluffiness. However, some machines can do it just as well in a much shorter time. How does the dough roller work, and how to take advantage of it in your kitchen?

In gastronomical kitchens, efficiency is one of the most significant factors. Preparing everything manually – including dough – may allow achieving the highest quality of the meals, but unfortunately, it makes the kitchen work less efficient. 

There’s nothing wrong with using some support in the form of advanced astronomical equipment – for example, an automated dough roller (you can find its  most modern variants on Even though it requires some investment, the business owners quickly get it back due to increased efficiency and better flow of their kitchens. 

Why should you consider investing in a dough roller?


Dough roller is perfect for preparing pizza dough, pasta, dumplings of all kinds (ravioli, pierogi, wonton, gyoza, baozi, etc.), and pastry. It speeds up the process of rolling, which is usually time and energy-consuming. Meanwhile, the chefs can take care of more creative tasks. 


Using such tools, you can choose the preferred thickness of the dough – from as thin as 0.5 mm up to 4 or 5 mm. It’s very convenient – rolling it manually, it’s difficult to achieve such a precise effect. You can also choose the diameter of the dough.


A manual roll is a problematic tool since it requires much strength and space to operate on. Save your workers’ energy and provide them with a piece of modern equipment which is becoming a standard in a gastronomic industry!

How to choose a perfect dough roller?

When searching for this kind of professional equipment, it’s worth having a few aspects in mind. First, take a look at the adjustments. The more flexibility the roller provides, the easier it will be to prepare the perfect dishes. Search for the rollers with a broad spectrum of dough thicknesses and diameters. 

To make sure that the machine will be serving you for many years, choose the one the rolling elements made with stainless steel. It’s resistant to corrosion, humidity, and mechanical damage.

To facilitate the work, search for the rollers with the pedal – it makes it easier to navigate the equipment.

Are you in need for high quality dough rollers? Check the models available in attractive price on They’re perfect for professional use – in restaurants, catering, or for preparing pizza dough and pasta in tratorias.