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How to Choose Jobs to Work from Home: 10 Best Opportunities

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Because of the pandemic, almost everyone had to learn to work remotely ― from home. Yet, to be objective, that offers new unexpected opportunities ― when you do not have to spend an hour (or even more) driving to your office and then back home, you get free time, which you can dedicate to your personal life.

In case you are among those who are staying at home, due to the lockdown or your personal choice, we have 10 easy-to-access career options for you: You also visit, for more options of jobs while working remotely.

  1. Writer. Today, every business has its own website or blog, so, there is a necessity to fill that platform with creative and informative content.
  2. YouTube blogger. If you enjoy shooting and editing videos and are ready to show your skills to a broad audience, you can earn from both monetization from the platform itself and paid advertisements from sponsors.
  3. Tutor. There is a good chance that you are good at something, for example, Math or English. You can easily qualify for such a job even without a degree as you can choose students of different ages and levels.
  4. Social media manager. Among popular jobs to work from home, this option is one of the most demanded. Again, today, even the smallest companies have pages on social networks and, consequently, need someone who will take the most benefit out of them.
  5. Web developer. Creating software or websites requires certain education, knowledge, and skills, but, in many cases, a degree from a college is not a must.
  6. Copy trader. It may sound surprising, but one can become a trader without learning and even without actually trading. Instead, you can get an account, for example, on eToro or AvaTrade, and subscribe to another trader. As a result, you can copy his deals automatically and receive passive income.
  7. Stock investor. You can either buy them and hold them for a long term or speculate on short-term price movements. In most cases, you will need to turn to an intermediary ― a broker, such as E-Trade or Charles Schwab.
  8. Travel agent. Helping others to spend their vacations in the most enjoyable way ― such a job will bring you lots of exciting experiences and positive emotions, in addition to a decent income.
  9. Ghostwriter. Many people need assistance in conveying their ideas and messages. Then, they turn to such anonymous writers for help. Your name will not be disclosed, but you will get a reward for your work in any case.
  10. Journalist. You can collaborate with local media remotely by just providing them with valid content, or you can create your own source dedicated to the latest news and events.

In sum, any of the jobs described will add up to your freedom and flexibility. Yet, you must not ignore planning and scheduling, otherwise, your online career will end shortly.