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How to Choose the Best Programming Tutor for Online Study Help?

In an era when science and technology are at their peak, it is important for you to have a knowledge of these things. Where Artificial Intelligence has taken up almost all work of human beings, it makes it difficult to survive in the world today without the knowledge of computers. In fact competition too is increasing among students.

To keep pace with the developing world, it is important that students have knowledge of these technologies. 

Coding and programming are introduced from the earliest into the curriculum of school going students. This itself proves how importance it is along with normal studies. In the early stages we are taught about the basic programs like BASIC and JAVA and as we grow older these concepts are elaborated on and focus is on their application.  

Programming and coding are as it is difficult concepts even if we learn them under someone’s guidance. They require immense practice and concentration along with determination. Finding a reliable source online where you can get programming assignment help is tough but not impossible. And online tutoring can be the best alternative. More specifically, hiring a Computer Science tutor.

You have to write hundreds of lines of coding after having an immense reading and then thousands of corrections are required till you meet the desired result. After having knowledge of all, this it can be clearly inferred that self learning becomes a daunting task since it involves no guidance. 

Now when you get into a field that involves coding, you must figure out which specialty of coding you would like to get into like A.I., robotics, website, computer system, etc. hunt on what you are interested in and then deeply research on that topic.

The research will help you understand the details as well as difficulty of the language and then you may easily figure out the way for yourself. But even if you get into the depths of this field, it is way too difficult and test the patience of the students thus they require assistance from experts for help in homework or for assignment help. 

Let us first understand the different types of programming language which are as follows:

  • Scratch– This language is basically for kids. It includes dragging and dropping codes to produce animation and make games. Kids gather interest with this visual learning process and get bent towards learning programming. 
  • C– This language is different from other object-oriented programming languages and can be said to be the first step in learning programming after which you can go on to learn JAVA, PYTHON, etc.
  • C++– This one is an object-oriented programming language that uses the concepts of data hiding, inheritance, data encapsulation, polymorphism, and the like. This is the second step in the ladder of learning programming. Here the applications that normally run on your computer are designed. It may be used to create games as well as software. 
  • JAVA– It is the most taught programming language to the students and the one that is used more in the commercial field. Knowledge of this language is going to give you the edge over the others. It is the language that has a wide range of applications. JAVA uses variables and is a statically typed language. Its concepts are wide and thus takes time to be learned. Thus it is taught to students who are at an intermediate level of learning programming and coding. 
  • PYTHON– If you have an interest in developing games or web interfaces, PYTHON is going to help you with it. This language is used in machine learning, business analytics, and data analytics. In fact, companies like Google and Disney use PYTHON for their applications and animations. This is one of the easiest coding languages since it just focuses on the whitespaces and has a simplified syntax. It requires comparatively less line of codes, therefore, is less complex. These codes appear like they are normally written in English. Children may get attracted to it and start learning at a very young age and gather interest in programming. 

There are more such programming languages like C#, Lua, and JavaScript that are thriving in the world of coding. Although most of these languages seem easy yet the right form of writing their algorithms and syntax may trouble the students. Delving deep into the ocean of programming, you will understand that even something as minute as a semi-colon matter while you write programs. Obviously, you cannot be made to write codes of each and every type of program therefore what is taught to students and what is important for them to learn and remember is the understanding of concepts. For example, while working on JAVA, you cannot write codes for each and every topic of array therefore you must learn its concept first. Sometimes even after learning it becomes difficult for students to gauge the concepts and complete the programs. This is when they turn for help towards the tutors. Even in these changing times when everyone is turning online for studies, online tutoring can be the best alternative. But remember one thing that even if you are seeking help for these programs from tutors you must still know the basics of these languages. And of course, there are various sources from where you can get help, students get confused as to which one should they choose. Therefore if you want to choose the best tutor for your programming help, he or she should fulfill all the below mentioned criteria, only then will you benefit from the help:

  1. Experts have been in this field for years and thus they have a stronghold on this language. They have been offering tuitions for years and thus know what the students are required to do in their work. Besides helping you out in your assignment they will educate you from the scratch, about these concepts. They understand that the students are new to the field and are know the way they can be made to learn in the easiest possible way. For example, if a tutor starts teaching you codes without even explaining the importance of these codes and their use, it would not benefit you.
  2. The experts also help students in their programming by providing them with the best and the easiest algorithms. In the process, they even educate the students to handle their work on their own. Just as in Math there are various ways to solve a problem so are available in programming as well. Codes may differ but the result can be the same and the tutors try to explain this concept to their students. They may let you do the program in different ways and make you figure out for yourself the best possible algorithm. Certain tutors just do assignments for their students which dos did not benefit them does if you are really serious about learning to program and want to do something fruitful from your online studies, go for tutors who focus on their students learning rather than mugging up.  
  3. If you have studied these languages in your school years, you will see that your teacher requires you to write the comments for the codes written which offers an easy explanation for the steps mentioned in the programming. The tutors also educate the students to learn the same. Comments reflect that the student has good knowledge of each step.  
  4. The tutors also provide the test cases in these codes if at all required. A student can study and evaluate these codes and use them in the other programs. In this way, the students too learn the sue of these test codes. 
  5. Remember that when you learn to program, the underlined structure of any programming language does not change much. It is just the syntax of different languages that is altered. The tutors focus on educating the students on this very concept. They help their students play with these codes and design their own ones. 
  6. The experts will also provide you the best quality solutions for your works so that the grades are also of the best quality.
  7. The tutors, above all, try to bring the creativity of the students into play. It is not what has already been worked upon that you are learning coding for. Rather it is the creation of something new into the world of technology- creating new apps, games, software, etc., that the tutors wish to train their students for. 
  8. The online study could benefit the learning of programming language since dry runs of the programs can be immediately done. This illustrates to the students, the concept more vividly. 
  9. PYTHON and Scratch are comparatively easy languages to be learned, therefore the tutors find rather innovative ways to teach them to the students. The tutors focus on making the variables- string and Boolean, easy for the students thus making them learn and provide assistance for PYTHON assignment help.
  10. JAVA is a comparatively difficult concept. It has a wide range of codes that can be written. The tutors focus on first educating the students about the brackets, use of the comma, semi-colon and full-stop, and other such minute concepts. Then they turn to explain concepts of class, object, public, private, etc. and thus the students begin by learning basics before moving to arrays and strings in JAVA. They provide efficient ways to learn these concepts and students may use them to provide themselves JAVA assignment help and tackle their work on their own.

Therefore, next time you are hunting for the best tutors for help in programming, evaluate on the basis of the above-mentioned points. Remember that if you want to learn you must be dedicated and consistent. These tutors are there for your guidance so that you do not deviate from the right track.