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How to Create an Online Sports Betting App?

The key to this approach is the app itself – but how do you create an online sports betting app from the ground up?

What are online sports betting apps?

Since the introduction of the Internet to the general public, online gambling has been only growing in popularity at places like With virtual casinos, online poker games, and online sports betting apps, the online gambling industry is now worth over $40 billion worldwide every year.

With an online sports betting app like FUN88, you can predict the results of a sports game and place a wager on it – if your prediction was accurate, you win. If it wasn’t, you lose. The concept works the same as with traditional sports betting – the only difference is you can do it online from a simple browser or mobile app, without having to go through a sportsbook.

Creating your own sports betting app: how to start?

Now we know what a sports betting app is – but how do you start creating one?

First of all, you’ll need to decide on a development model. Since you’ll want to have some say in the development process, it’s recommended to go with custom software development services. Working with a white-label company might leave you with template-based software that won’t be distinguishable from others on the market – instead, make sure your app introduces a unique twist on the formula that will attract customers.

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What features do sports betting apps need?

Modern software is all about customizability – make sure your sports betting app offers enough customizability options to your customers. This is an easy way to make your app stand out from others, and your users will definitely appreciate the ability to modify the app to their liking.

UX and UI design should be a heavy priority for sports betting apps. They need to be intuitive, easy to use, and offer help for new users. Think about implementing a filtering or categorization functionality to help users find the sport or event they’re looking for (if you’re allowing betting on multiple sports).