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How to Create Mobile Game Step by Step

Here is a set of typical steps how to make a mobile game from scratch. Professionals know how to make a mobile game step by step.

Business analysis of the target market

At this stage are specified the plans on the application. Also is important what is the final goal of developing a mobile communication tool with the audience. Here is a list of indicative questions to which you should find answers before formulating the TOR and ordering the development of the application:

  • What goals do you plan to achieve by creating and releasing your own mobile application with game development company?
  • What are the sales plans and other details of the process?
  • What the the main features of the target audence?
  • What are the features of the field, in which will be carried out the product?
  • What is the size of the budget?

Developing an agreed solution

Technical assignment (TOR) from the customer must be taken into consideration before the start of the development process. Or it’s important to provide him with a brief for filling out and further work on this document.

The start of prototyping can be after there is a completed brief. And you can start drawing up user profiles to assess the capabilities of the final product.


Prototypes are designed by a designer and can be both static and interactive. For this are used the prototyping tools, discussed earlier.

Static prototypes and interactive layouts are in the center of attention. And also there is a software base that you plan to use to create the application.

Coding and technology implementation

With the finished design, the application goes to the developers: they have to create a mobile application based on programming languages, frameworks and various technologie. They are chosen in accordance with the technical specification, a brief and an approved prototype.


All games tend to go through the same testing cycle to identify more bugs. Let’s analyze the testing of online games. It includes several stages in the process of how to develop a game app:

  •  At the initial stage, testing new games usually does not take one tester much time. Already closer to the final stage, only one game can take all the time from several testers at once, due to the regression tests that are necessary to test new features. Today, we can safely say about the high degree of importance of testing games, given their diversity and complexity. So, one small change can have serious consequences. That is, the first stage includes the obligatory testing of the game within the developer company, by its own testers.
  •  After the idea has already been formed, all the documentation has been drawn up, the code has been written and the graphics are “stretched” on it, as well as internal testing has been passed, the first alpha version of the game is released (alpha testing of games) – this is something that can already be shown to users, something that you can already play. That is, a user, a tester, a designer, a developer can see what happened. Several alpha versions are released later, with some additions included.
  •  Beta testing takes place between late alpha and early beta, or, in other words, pre-release testing. In development, this stage is usually very laborious. The way it is carried out differs from company to company. In most cases, those who wish directly from the users themselves act as testers.
  • And if the project has received a good rating from users, the game moves to the stage of release and post-release, that is, when the game is ready.

Creating a pre-release version

As a result of a series of tests and application modifications, a working version of the application should be obtained by game development company. This version is going to the customer though famous stores. It depends on the platform for which it is being developed. Or it can be any similar service for distributing applications.

Adding an app to the store

The final stage of how to develop a game app is this one. Optional step: further technical support and marketing promotion of the application At the request of the customer, it is possible to provide additional services. It is technical support for the application, further release of new versions for updated versions of mobile OS, as well as marketing promotion.