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How to Decide an Exotic Place for Your Trip?

If you are seeking a trip that’ll mesmerize you with the beauty, choose the mountains and beaches package, which is 11 days and ten night’s package. You’ll be escorted by the professional tour guide who will take you along the coastline of Bali. You will be provided accommodation in 4 and 5-star hotels in not just one, but various areas of the island e.g., the Seminyak, the Sideman, Amed, Ubud, and the Nusa Dua. Along with this, you’ll also pay your visits to some of the main attractions e.g., the sacred temples in Lempuyang and Gunung Kawi, as well as the Uluwatu and the Royal Water Palaces of the Tirta Ganga. Bali is perfect for honeymoons. Because it offers everything according to your requirements. Whatever destination you choose, your stay should be comfortable and full of amenities to make your holidays memorable. One such place that you can consider is Greek Villas.

These excursions are all private and can be changed according to your demands and personal wishes. Your own personal manager will be in touch with you throughout your whole trip.

The First Day in Seminyak

This place is known as the island of gods. You’ll be accommodated at the Hotel Tonys Villas and Resor, which is set amongst the lush and attractive tropical garden. This hotel is also just a mile away from the Seminyak beach. Hence it is convenient.


After two days at the Seminyak, you’ll experience the beautiful and breathtaking beauty of the lush green valleys of the traditional village Balinese. Sideman is known to be a precious destination as it is famous for its serene and comfortable environment. The locals are amiable, and the beauty is exceptionally raw. You’ll be able to experience the traditional farming here and understand how to locals here live every day. You’ll be able to soak the relaxation here, away from the busy air of buses, cars, and motorcycles.

Sightseeing Tour

On the 5th day, you’ll be enjoying an excursion to the Taman Ujung and Tirta Ganga Water palaces, as well at the Lempuyang temple in Amed. This means you’ll be able to visit diverse places overall.


Amed is a beautiful and serene place, and also last of the unspoiled areas of Bali. As you’ll take a tour of this place, you’ll notice that even though tourism has changed a lot of places, but Amed tends to hold onto its traditions. Its marine life is extremely diverse and colorful, and there are a lot of coral gardens which you will surely admire a lot. Relaxing and swimming is sure a part of the tour here, but Amed is also known for snorkeling and diving.

Sightseeing tour

Another sightseeing tour would include an excursion to the volcano Batur, the rice terraces Tegalalang, the Gunung Kawi temple, as well as Ubud.

Ubud, Tour to the Beaches and Temple

Day 8, 9, and 10 would include a whole leisure day at Ubud, as it is a place where you can relax and do whatever you want. You can stay in or roam around and sightsee. The next day, there is a unique yoga class scheduled for you, along with a delicious and complimentary breakfast. You’ll check out of the Janata Resort and head towards the Bukit Peninsula, which is on the southern tip of the Bali Island. You’ll spend the night at the Nusa Dua, which is a high-end beach resort area, where there are exceptionally beautiful beaches. The next day, you’ll sightsee your way to the Melasti beach and the dreamland beach. Then, you’ll tour the scared temple i.e., the Uluwatu temple. Many locals believe that the temple tends to protect from the evil sea spirits. Due to this, this temple holds great importance to the locals.

As you go about on this trip, you’ll realize that seeing just one part of this place leaves you with an urge to want to see more. Bali is a place that needs to be fully explored, as every region and area has its specialty and defines something different to the locals. Without fully experiencing each and everything, you’ll be leaving a lot behind. Many tourists tend to go their whole trip unplanned and miss out on the beautiful and entire experience of Bali. Inconveniences like these can be avoided if you choose to travel through contacting specialized and holiday experts, like the Seven Holiday experts. It tends to specialize in tailor-made honeymoons and helps discover and explore all places.