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How to Decorate Bedroom Walls?

Your bedroom is more than just a peaceful haven to get a good night’s sleep. The appropriate decor will help your ability to unwind, and wall art such as my life painting, like most furniture and accessories, is crucial to your bedroom design.

Several types of the wall art are suitable for different people and styles of bedrooms. However, you must ensure that the wall art matches the bedroom’s style. Putting these components together while you are actively redesigning might be more straightforward. 

When buying paintings to fit existing décor, color and design possibilities are unlimited. To help you understand which form of my painting life is best for your bedroom walls, here are a few suggestions for enhancing the wall art or painting in your bedroom.

Painting Ideas For Bedroom Walls

Painting Above Furniture

It is possible to bring further attention to a piece of furniture, such as a buffet or bureau, by hanging abstract paintings above it. Plan to line the gallery wall’s outside margins with the outer edges of the furniture so that you may fill up the entire area. Assemble a collection of things that share a color scheme or design aesthetic for a harmonious appearance.

Paintings With Various Textures

Your painting will have more dimension and impact if there are a variety of textures, colours and shapes in it. Abstract prints such as those found at Printivart, can be used to brighten up the decor of your home with the use of bold shapes and constrasting colours. You might also want to try your hand at some do-it-yourself art utilizing scraps of cloth, woven fabrics, and other intriguing textiles. A composition of wall art painting, such as bits of cane material arranged in frames made of wood squares and plexiglass, is a beautiful alternative for the wall décor of a bedroom.

Stylish Silhouette Paintings

Framed paint my life portrait of your family’s silhouettes make a lovely addition to a breakfast banquette or dining nook. The paintings will grab the viewer’s attention on the wall because of their sleek black frames and bright white matting. You can arrange the paintings in a clean, well-balanced composition with an even amount of distance between each piece to get a sophisticated look on your bedroom walls.

Vintage Paintings

Choose affordable paintings if you want to show your collection of my painted life in a way that is kind to your wallet. For example, visit a dollar shop searching for wooden frames, then personalize them by painting them. You can also give your paintings a fresh new look by painting them in a block color or giving them a weathered appearance with texture such as sandpaper so that they would complement your bedroom walls perfectly. 

Thematic Wall Art Painting

Modifications of a singular decorative motif of my painted life can be used to spruce up empty bedroom space. For example, a bedroom is brought into focus by a selection of artworks displayed in shadow boxes, such as seashells and a framed swimming suit. This brings the overall appearance of the space together.

On the other hand, if you have an innate appreciation for finer things, then here are some of the most famous paintings you might put in your home as decoration. Your bedroom will be an instant update by using these artistic paintings with various colors in their composition.

Famous Paintings to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls

Ono no Komachi – Utagawa Toyokuni II

One of the six greatest waka poets of the early Heian period, Ono no Komachi was a Japanese poet who wrote in the waka form. She became famous for her extraordinary beauty, and the name Komachi has since become synonymous with Japanese women’s attractiveness.

This artwork, painted in 1698, has a historical component and a one-of-a-kind combination of watercolor paints that will add a finishing touch to the wall in your bedroom.

Still Life with Gingerpot II – Piet Mondrian

Still, Life with Gingerpot’s painter Piet Mondrian is credited with revolutionizing art history with his cubistic works, distinguished by his use of the colors red, yellow, and blue in his paintings. 

The artist’s initial portrayal of this subject in Still Life with Gingerpot II is elevated to a far higher level of abstraction by its successor. The objects on the tabletop are now interpolated inside the framework of the grid. Additionally, with the use of different colors, this particular my life painting will surely give an aesthetic touch to your overall bedroom theme.

Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne – Alfred Sisley

The picture is an excellent example of the artist’s style since it depicts water with human life in the surrounding area. This is a dynamic picture of the suspension bridge on the Seine that connects the suburbs of Saint-Denis and Villeneuve-la-Garenne during the time the British artist spent living and working in Paris. 

The flowing, blue and transparent Seine may be seen in the foreground, while reflections of the bridge and residences on the other side of the river can only be seen as shadows and colors. To give the room an updated look, this image may be the perfect addition to your bedroom and help to brighten the atmosphere.

Japanese Bridge in Giverney – Claude Monet

One of the most cherished paintings among painting enthusiasts is this renowned watercolor painting by Claude Monet. The bridge, which fills the whole breadth of the composition, essentially divides the image in two. The bridge is always depicted as an arched wooden bridge supported by several structures.

Each version of the artwork has a different color for the bridge. This is because the color reflects the surrounding environment and the lighting while painting. With this unique feature, viewing this painting will undoubtedly bring you a sense of calmness and joy whenever you retreat to your bedroom.


Decorating your bedroom is undoubtedly an essential component of every house because it is where you feel the most comfortable and spend most of your leisure time. Using different paints such as oil and watercolors in some of your bedroom paintings also plays a significant role in the room’s design. You or your designer should consider the types of paintings that will be hung in the bedroom and give your room a new breath of life.