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How to Dominate the Jungle in Honor of Kings? Guide to Two Most Joyful Heroes

The Role of Jungler in Honor of Kings: The Rhythm Controller

In Honor of Kings, the jungler is the heartbeat of the game, dictating the pace and rhythm of battles. A skilled jungler can control the map, secure vital objectives, and create opportunities for their team. The jungler’s role involves moving through the jungle, defeating neutral monsters to gain experience and gold, and ganking lanes to support teammates and pressure the enemy. By maintaining vision and control over the jungle, a good jungler can disrupt the enemy’s plans and ensure their team stays ahead.

Mastering the role of the jungler can bring immense joy and satisfaction. Players can enhance their gameplay by topping up Honor of Kings Tokens, which can be used to unlock heroes and purchase skins, adding a layer of excitement to the MOBA journey.

Basic Jungle Gameplay in Honor of Kings

Playing as a jungler involves a series of key tasks: farming jungle camps, securing buffs, and assisting lanes through ganks. Start by clearing the jungle camps, focusing on monsters like the Blue Buff (Sage Golem) for mana regeneration and the Red Buff (Might Golem) for added damage. Keep an eye on the minimap and communicate with your team to coordinate ganks. Ganking involves surprising an enemy in a lane, usually by attacking them from the jungle, to help your teammate secure a kill or force the enemy to retreat. Maintaining control of key objectives like the Storm Dragon and Dark Slayer can provide significant team-wide benefits and can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Powerful Jungle Hero – Musashi

Introduction to Musashi

Musashi, the master swordsman, combines unparalleled agility with lethal swordsmanship, making him a formidable assassin capable of swiftly eliminating key targets.


Skills of Musashi

  1. Niten Ichiryuu (Passive): Musashi gains Vigor after using a skill. Each Pulse Attack consumes Vigor, performing enhanced strikes that deal additional damage based on the target’s health. Attacks also reduce the cooldown of Illuminating Slash and Extreme Speed.
  2. Illuminating Slash: Musashi slashes a sword aura that knocks down enemy projectiles, deals physical damage, and slows enemies in its path. He is in a hegemonic state during this skill.
  3. Extreme Speed: Musashi dashes forward, dealing physical damage and gaining a shield. Hitting an enemy reduces the skill’s cooldown by 50%.
  4. Duel to the Death (Ultimate): Musashi locks onto an enemy hero, dashes towards them, deals physical damage, and knocks back enemies in the area. He then engages the target in a duel, delaying their recovery effects and taking 50% less damage while gaining immunity to control effects.

Musashi’s skillset allows him to dash into battles, deal burst damage, and control the flow of fights. His passive ability to gain Vigor and perform enhanced Pulse Attacks makes him especially dangerous to low-health targets.

Combo of Musashi

Basic Combo: 3-BA-2-BA-1-BA-2-BA. Use Duel to the Death (Ultimate) to initiate and lock onto the enemy. Follow up with enhanced Basic Attacks and Extreme Speed to deal damage and reduce cooldowns. Use Illuminating Slash to block projectiles and further damage the target. Continue with enhanced Basic Attacks and Extreme Speed to maximize damage output.

Equipment of Musashi

  1. Reaver x5
  2. Eagle Eye x10
  3. Mutation x10
  4. Stealth x5

Summary of Musashi

Musashi’s versatility in combat and his ability to mitigate damage while dealing heavy strikes make him an exceptional assassin in Honor of Kings. His skills are tailored to capitalize on enemy weaknesses, making him a vital asset in any team composition. Players can further customize their Musashi by Honor of Kings top up to purchase skin of him, which makes him more eye-catching in game.

Powerful Jungle Hero – Jing

Introduction to Jing

Jing, born into an enforcer family, has honed her skills to perfection. Her abilities revolve around creating and utilizing images to deal damage and control the battlefield.

Skills of Jing

  1. Lethal Reflections (Passive): Using skills summons an image that places marks on enemies, refreshing Skill 1 and 2 when marks overlap.
  2. Reflective Assault: Dashes and damages enemies, creating an image that copies her skills.
  3. Shattered Illusions: Damages nearby enemies, heals, and increases movement speed. Creates an image if none exist.
  4. Mirror Domain (Ultimate): Becomes untargetable, immobilizes enemies, and gains damage reduction.

Combo of Jing

  1. Basic Combo: 1A21A use Skill 1 to engage, followed by an enhanced basic attack, then use Skill 2 to chip away at the opponent’s health before gracefully retreating with Skill 1. 
  2. Advanced Combo: 31A21A1A31A Use the ultimate to quickly enter the battlefield, control the enemy with it, and follow up with a 1A combo to deal burst damage. After the ultimate’s mirror shard cuts through, continue to deal another round of damage. 
  3. Flying Thunder God Combo: 31A323A32313A Start with the ultimate, using the shortened cooldown of the mirror images to continuously reposition and avoid enemy damage while dealing damage. This combo can also be used to engage and poke, working with teammates to finish off enemies. 

Jing excels in dealing burst damage and controlling fights with her images, making her a formidable hero who can swiftly turn the tide of battles.Players can also top up Honor of Kings to acquire Tokens for additional skins that change her appearance and make her a shining star on the battlefield.

Equipment of Jing

  1. Hunt x10

2. Eagle Eye x10

3. Mutation x10

Jing’s core in-game equipment focuses on maximizing her burst damage and sustain in fights. Starting with Axe of Torment, she gains significant physical attack, cooldown reduction, and health, along with added physical pierce and a slowing effect on enemies. Starbreaker further enhances her physical pierce and cooldown reduction, allowing for more frequent skill usage. Siege Breaker boosts her physical attack and deals extra damage to low-health enemies, perfect for finishing off targets. 


In Honor of Kings, heroes like Jing, Lam, Zilong, and Prince of Lanling offer unique and powerful playstyles that can control the rhythm of the game, support your team, and secure victory. Understanding their skills and how to effectively utilize them will enhance your gameplay and lead to countless thrilling moments in the jungle. No matter where or when, players can join this exciting MOBA journey anytime, anywhere, experiencing the thrill of competition with players worldwide. Best wishes for epic victories and unforgettable adventures in Honor of Kings!