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How to Earn Bitcoin: 9 Methods for Beginners and Professionals

Due to the high value of Bitcoin, most investors prefer to get it free of charge or in exchange for some service instead of purchasing. Hence, our experts have compiled a list of solutions that vary in profit and risk levels so that you can make an optimal choice.

  1. Trading. Although it can provide you with quick gains, you must understand that this method requires deep self-education and extraordinary self-discipline as you are supposed to devote the bigger part of your day to monitoring prices and making predictions. As for the trading platform, the best option for a start is Binance.
  2. Mining. When one wonders how to earn Bitcoin, the second most popular answer is probably: “Mine it”. In simple words, a miner is a person (or a company) that creates new blocks for the Bitcoin blockchain. This process requires significant computing resources, yet, a usual computer equipped with several powerful GPUs or an ASIC miner is capable of that.
  3. Investing. If you do not have enough free time to explore and monitor the crypto market, the safest choice for you will be passive earning like staking. It won’t bring you huge incomes (you can count on around 3% per year), but the rewards will be guaranteed. Besides, you can start from pretty small capital like $10 or so. View such programs on Binance Earn.
  4.   Crypto startups. These days the crypto sphere undergoes a boom. New coins appear every year. And, to attract as much attention as possible to such projects, their creators often distribute coins in exchange for registration or promotion, like sharing posts, links, etc. That is a proven way to get some crypto for free. Afterward, you can either hold it expecting its growth in price or exchange it for BTC. To explore available offers, visit Airdrop Alert and BountyOx.
  5.   Receiving payments. In case you are an owner of any business, for example, an online store, you can offer your clients to make payments in BTC.
  6.   Affiliate programs. You may get paid in Bitcoin for inviting new clients to crypto exchanges, brokers, online wallet systems, etc.
  7.   Faucets. There are sources that offer crypto coins via lotteries ― for playing games or performing other simple tasks. For example,
  8.   Binary options. It works similarly to gambling. A trader is offered to guess which way the price of a certain asset will change within an agreed period, for example, within a minute. If his forecast is correct, he wins a hefty reward, otherwise, he faces significant losses.
  9.   Farming. You must put your funds in the pool so that the project chosen can use them for growth and enhancement. In their turn, the owners of the project will pay you interest.

In sum, regardless of your choice, before you invest any real money in any of the solutions described, be sure to evaluate your experience and skills and weigh all the related risks.