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How to Effectively Manage Your Enterprise Videos?

How to Effectively Manage Your Enterprise Videos?Cisco has forecasted that video will take up about 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2022, with live stream growing at the fastest rate. Their study has also found that 87% of Millennial executives find videos to have a critical, highly positive impact on organizations. And with millennials making up about 50% of the workforce in America alone, their opinion definitely has an impact. 

Video usage in enterprises is not just limited to marketing and sales. Video has a variety of internal and external enterprise use cases, including corporate communication, virtual conferences, training and learning, video archival and much more. 

Creating this video content is relatively easy. However, sharing it securely or broadcasting it across borders or even just managing it effectively without losing control is much more technical. If you store it in a simple cloud storage without any organization, it will soon pile up to be an incomprehensible mess – you will never be able to find the right video at the right time. And even if you find it, you will struggle in sharing them ahead securely. 

Most of these storage solutions do not support playback of videos, especially large videos. Viewers will be left with no choice but to download these videos. Not only is it extremely time taking for them to download multiple large videos, but it might also be impossible if they have limited storage space. Above all else, it is against security best practices as such confidential videos have a high chance of being leaked and goes against many compliance requirements.

Now, you must be wondering what is the most secure and effective way of managing this ever-growing pile of videos. What you need is a video content management system like VIDIZMO that can connect with all your various video storage (cloud storage or any other IT systems like LMS or Video conferencing tool). You can use this video platform to create a YouTube-like video portal where you can not only stream live and on-demand videos but also manage these videos in a variety of ways. Let us explore some of the critical video management capabilities of an enterprise video platform:

Organized Video Portal

Imagine a YouTube-like video portal that is entirely secure. You can restrict it to an internal audience or have it open to the public. Arrange videos in different playlists and feature the key videos and playlists on the home page. You can even segregate videos into different user groups to restrict viewing. Above all else, be sure to categorize your videos to support their organic discovery.

Automatic Transcription and Translation

Be sure to have your videos automatically transcribed and translated into multiple languages. This will ensure that they are accessible to a diverse global audience.

Intelligent Video Search

Optimize your videos’ metadata and add custom identifiers to them to ensure a more accurate filtered search. Machine-generated transcripts even ensure that automatic multilingual tags can be added to your videos. These transcripts can also be used to search inside your videos for spoken words.

If you go for an AI-powered platform, you will even be able to perform in-video searches based on on-screen text, faces, and objects.

Optimized Video Content Delivery Worldwide

It is critical to opt for an enterprise video platform that offers automatic video transcoding into multiple renditions supporting adaptive bitrate streaming. All this, with the help of CDN support, ensures that your video is playable anytime, anywhere on any device under any bandwidth condition. 

Secure and Govern Your Video Data

Utilizing a video platform like VIDIZMO would mean that you won’t have to constantly worry about your video security or data governance, with features taking on the burden for you. Here is just some of what you can benefit from:

  • SSO integration
  • End-to-end encryption and DRM support for content protection
  • IP, domain, and location restriction
  • Audit logs
  • Custom retention period
  • Anonymous user policy
  • Custom security policies
  • Creation of user groups or multiple autonomous video portals with separate security policies ensuring complete content segregation

Control Who Can View What Videos

Decide if you want your videos to be publicly available or limited to your organization, certain users, specific groups, or some external viewers. 

Analyze To Generate Insights

An enterprise video platform provides continuous real-time tracking of your videos’ views, interaction, activity, and quality of experience. It is also summarized visually as analytics dashboards with various heatmaps, graphs, and tables. Utilize these to generate insights for content improvement, new ideas, and a better user experience.

Prebuilt and Custom Integrations

Only opt for a video platform that offers relevant prebuilt integrations with your IT systems like LMS, video conferencing tools, CMS, CRM, tracking apps, and much more. An efficient platform also supports custom integration to help you integrate with any other platform of your choice.

In-Video Interactivity

Videos are rich media assets – they can be made even more engaging by adding different interactive elements. An enterprise video platform allows you to in-video quizzes, polls, surveys, handouts and forms to capture feedback, track learning, and provide more information.


Indeed, with an enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO, video management will no longer be a worry. You can solely focus on what matters – the quality of your content in connecting global teams, collaborating with global stakeholders, and communicating with global customers.