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How to Extend Work Permit in Canada

Extending your work permit is so important because if you don’t have the work permit, you won’t be able to work in Canada. If you are working in Canada, but you are not a Canadian citizen, you will need a work permit to continue the work.

If you are working as a caregiver or temporary worker in Canada with a legal work permit, your permit has an expiry date. If you want to work for a longer time, you must extend your work permit as soon as possible.

So you are wondering how to extend work permit in Canada? We will be explaining the process of the work permit extension here.

Reasons to Extend Work Permit in Canada

Foreign workers

There is some reason why extending the work permit is necessary. Because of the following reasons, you should extend your work permit in Canada.

• If your job is extended for a long time
• If you get another opportunity in Canada
• If you are planning to work permanently
• If you want to visit your country and reenter again in Canada

In-home caregivers

If you are working as an in-home caregiver in Canada, you may have to extend your work permit. Because most of the time, in-home caregiver programs can be extended for more time, but you don’t have the work permit for that much long time.

• If you are planning to work for a new program,you will need a new work permit
• If you are an eligible candidate applying for permanent residency in Canada because of having enough work experience in Canada, then you will need to extend your work permit.

Note that if you want to extend your work permit, you have to apply before 30 days of the expiry date.

Open work permit

To qualify for an open work permit, you must apply under the following category

• Experience class in Canada
• A federal skilled worker program
• Caring for children class
• Caring for people with high medical needs
• Provincial nominee program
• Federal skilled trade program

How To Extend Work Permit In Canada

Extending work permit as a caregiver in Canada

For now, the live-in caregiver program doesn’t accept new candidates. But if you’re working as a live caregiver, that means you’ve got a legal work permit already. In Canada, you can apply for an extension of the work permit online as well as apply it to paper. The application’s main objective will be to extend the work permit or change the terms of your employment.

Please submit your application before your existing work permit expires. If you have not obtained a new work permit, your original status will be counted as your current work permit. That’s why the first thing you can do is apply as soon as possible for an extension of your work permit.

Extending work permit as a temporary worker

In Canada, a lot of foreign workers are working as temporary workers with a legal work permit. Most of the time, the project they are working for cannot be completed in time, or many workers want to work for a long time.

If you are a temporary worker in Canada, you can also apply for extending work permits in Canada. But you have to apply 30 days before the expiry date of the current work permit. You can apply online or submit a paper application.

Most of the time, your job can be extended, but you don’t have the work permit. In that case, you apply for extending the work permit. Just follow the instruction given in the application. If you are planning to work for a new company, you must apply for a new work permit until then you cannot work without a new work permit.

Extending as an experienced Canada work permit

An experienced Canada work permit can be extendable under some specific circumstances. If you are an experienced worker in a company, the employer may offer you a new job to work for more time in their company.

In this case, you can apply to extend a work permit in Canada. You just need to fill up the IMM 5710E form to change the condition or extend the work permit in Canada. Sometimes the company you are working for can go bankrupt, and you may not be getting your payments. In such a condition, you can change the job and apply it to extend your work permit in Canada.

Getting a Bridging Open Work Permit

If your work permit expires soon, but you plan to apply for permanent residence in Canada. It would be so convenient to have an open work permit to stay. This work permit will allow you to remain in Canada while the immigration process is going on.

You just need to fill in the paperwork with the necessary details and mark in the section on the open work permit. You must be in Canada to apply for an open work permit. You also need a mandatory work permit that will expire within four months. You will also pay the payments required in the immigration processing fee and the processing fee for work permits.


Working in Canada is a dream for most people because the Government of Canada offers foreign workers to many facilities. If you are a skilled worker, the Canadian administration is allowed to be a permanent resident. When you get the chance to work in Canada, most people try to get residence in Canada permanently.

OR if you are planning to work for more years, but you don’t have the work permit, you must apply to extend the work permit in Canada. To help you with that, I have discussed how to extend work permits in Canada? And I hope the above information will be so helpful.