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How to Extract LinkedIn Profiles from a List of Contacts

We would like to go in-depth about what does the scraping of LinkedIn profiles bring to your business and what are some advantages that can arise from using this technique. First of all, scraping can be a very useful strategy that can help you to achieve marketing or public relations tasks. One of the many ways that you can achieve a successful session is to use the SignalHire extension to scrape Linkedin company employees and start building your database.

Among the numerous advantages, we can certainly mention the fact that you will be able to build an enormous list of leads in 10 minutes, given that you have a relatively good Internet speed and a will to succeed. Just imagine being able to collect 500,000+ leads in a day’s work using your Chrome email findex plugin and a little bit of creativity. Although LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily like this technique, it has been ruled to be a legal strategy, and there is nothing that can stop you to benefit from using it.

You can use almost every browser there, including Firefox, to set up your road to success and scrape those LinkedIn profiles. The nice side of LinkedIn is that you can find groups for almost any niche that you can think of:market, segment, vertical, etc. Everyone knows that the more data you have, the better segmentation you will end up with, and that means that you will end up with an improvement to your campaigns’ messaging.

Why Scrape LinkedIn to Get Emails?

Basically, you are going to get not only the basic information such as position, name, LinkedIn URLs, but also information that goes a little more in-depth about the person: his or her top 3 skills, the previous companies that they worked for, the current company they are working at, their titles, the industry they are working in, and the groups that they are a part of. Bonus tip: you could also scrape the groups for some follow-up action plan. These are only some perks of using a LinkedIn scraper.

If you are wondering why is it that important to have more data, we have to mention, that when you have a big list that has several hundreds of thousands of possible leads, you have the chance of segmenting them and group them into categories that are smaller and easier to go through. This way, you will be able to put all of your data in CSV and continue to narrow them down into more manageable segments, that are also more precise. You might even want to go ahead and play with several combinations of professions and interests, so you can find contacts that are relevant to your business and practices.

After you have managed to categorize your data, you will be able to improve and personalize the messages that you put into social selling campaigns. Basically, it will allow you to develop copy that is more engaging and, ultimately, be able to build real conversations and relationships with your potential clients and the followers that you have on your LinkedIn profile. When looking for viable options when it comes to applications, we recommend you to search for something that offers you the option to find verified and up-to-date contact information, and that provides you with direct support for exporting the contacts.

What Are the Best Options for a LinkedIn Scraper?

If you choose to go with a traditional method of scraping and get emails that are relevant to your business model, then we must tell you that you won’t have such a good time with them, as you are required to have general knowledge about HTML and programming. For example, if you choose platforms such as Phantombuster or Python, you will have to know how to inspect domains and navigate through the cookies and work with strings of information.

When it comes to driving a web browser, there are instances where the websites load the content in an asynchronous manner, and that means that what you are looking for might not be in your first HTTP response. There is a chance you can find them loaded as a sheer consequence of scrolling a page or even after a button has been clicked. This is only a small fracture of what you will have to be dealing with daily when trying to scrape LinkedIn by using traditional methods.

Find Contacts with the SignalHire Extension

For you to be able to personally attend the more peculiar profiles, you should be able first to automatize your whole process as much as possible. That is where SignalHire comes in and helps you extract and categorize all the relevant data that you need. One of the perks of using it, besides being able to get emails that are relevant to you in a matter of minutes, is that it will give you access straight to an open API that can help you to enrich the profiles. It also gives you the possibility to export the data into CSV files that you can immediately use.

It is an extension that helps you acquire contacts, and it is designed for every person that requires someone’s details, no matter if you are a lead generator, account manager, headhunter, or you work in a business development department. A nice touch is a fact that whenever you do a new search, the server will never show you info that was found before because it always fetches the latest contact information.


Scraping LinkedIn profiles might be the best choice that you made for your business, as it offers you valuable information and data that can help you personalize your campaigns more effectively. The fact that you can find contacts that are relevant, in a matter of minutes, is a breakthrough in the marketing field and not only. It’s a step forward in growing your business and making sure you are targeting the right people with your marketing campaigns.