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How to Find the Best Crypto Trading Platform: Guidelines for New Users

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As today cryptocurrencies face huge popularity and demand, the corresponding trading platforms flourish as well. In case you are also currently searching for a crypto exchange or broker, our article will be a real find for you. Below, we will both name the most advantageous services and explain which of them will be the best for you.

So, here are our 12 top picks:

  •   Binance — the widest choice of altcoins — more than 400 — and the highest popularity among both newbies and professionals;
  •   Coinbase — the second most popular brokerage and crypto trading service, which is known for advanced security and exceptional       convenience of use;
  •   Bybit— a number-one choice for leverage and derivatives;
  •   eToro— the most comfortable option for following signals and copy trading;
  •   Kraken — best for those traders who operate high volumes;
  •   Bitfinex— advanced functionality targeted upon professionals mainly;
  •   BitMEX— the major focus on margins and futures;
  •   Huobi— the best crypto trading platform in terms of security;
  •   Local Bitcoins — the most recommended peer-to-peer service;
  •   Paxful — the perfect peer-to-peer source for quick and fuss-free transactions, which offers over 350 payment methods;
  • — the best all-in-one service;
  • — the most comfortable and user-friendly website for buying and selling tokenized securities.

Which of these sources will suit you most of all? All of them are trustworthy, reputable, licensed, and safe to use, but they differ in the selection of assets, fees, features. As you can see, some of them are designed for advanced traders mainly, which means their interface is too overloaded for a beginner. Also, some of these services offer exclusive features, like tokenized assets or fully-automated copy trading functionality.

Thus, before you go surfing them, take a few minutes and think which coins you want to invest in, which payment methods you are ready to use, and which extra tools you need. As a result, you will narrow your search and skip certain sources right away to save time.

Besides, when you find a perfect website, be sure to search for feedback left by other users on some independent aggregators. Do not let fair words misguide you, check whether they correspond to reality.

In the end, we would advise you to make use of a demo account whenever it is possible so that you can check whether the source chosen suits your needs and preferences before you make an actual deposit.