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How to Get a Job as an SEO Analyst in Top IT Companies in India

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If you possess SEO knowledge and looking for a job as an analyst, then you should try your hand at top IT companies in India because digital marketing is in high demand. This can be a great scope to polish your skill in a reputed company.

Familiar with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, backlinking, etc? Then, check it out; this article is just for your future. A strong reason for not getting enough views on a post can be less attention to SEO.

With the advent of new technology, the concept of lifestyle has dramatically changed over a few years. It didn’t affect not only the tech-related products but also marketing or advertising. Top IT companies in India are not stuck to one segment but have spread their digital marketing agencies also in a new way.

Whether you are a novice in the job or experience, everybody should possess some knowledge about it.  You would be amazed to read that an average SEO analyst earns 2-3 lakhs per year and top SEO analysts are earning more than 30-40 lakhs a year.  

This article can be helpful for those who are learning SEO and thinking about a career in it. If you are the same, then stick to the article. You will get some valuable tips from this. First, let me share what an SEO analyst does.

The Job of an SEO Analyst

The job of an SEO analyst is to implement SEO and social media strategies. To make a successful marketing campaign, an SEO analyst plays a crucial role. They have to play with keywords, marketing, analytics, and many more. They are responsible for indexing your website in major search engines to get more viewers. An SEO analyst uses a lot of analytical tools that can help them to implement the website. It’s really a complicated, big, and time-consuming task that should be clear to all the analysts before making their career in this field.

Skill to be Required for an SEO Analyst

Some of the significant skills are as follows.

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. Content Creation and Curation
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools
  5. Excel Sheets or Similar Applications for Reporting

How to Get a Job in the Top IT Companies in India

As you have already learned much about SEO, it’s time to apply for a job in the top IT companies in India. Though there is no specific educational qualification, you need to be stronger with the above skills. Let me point out some of the ways you crack a job.

  1. Through placement by any Institute
  2. You can apply through any Job Portals
  3. Apply to companies directly through their career portals
  4. Grow your professional network
  5. Create a profile on LinkedIn

These are some of the significant ways you can apply to get a job in the top IT companies in India. But remember you have to acquire the skill first like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinking, keyword analysis, content curation, and many more related fields.

There is no doubt that the top IT companies in India are growing rapidly and it’s a future. India is going to be one of the tech-driven industries in the future. As the top IT companies in India get bigger, the chances are higher that you might be their next SEO analyst.

Not only IT companies are there to give you the job as an SEO analyst but many SEO companies are mushrooming every day. Take an example, Patna or any non-metropolitan city. If you search SEO companies in Patna, you will find a whole lot of companies that are growing rapidly. So, chances are higher than ever and it’s increasing. What you need is to develop your skill as an analyst.