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How to Get Better at CS:GO – 7 Simple Steps

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer online game. The CS:GO task is to confront each other with two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists. They have their own goals to achieve. So, the team that wins gets a match point.

Beginners who come into it are confused. It goes without saying that it is difficult to progress fast if you are a newcomer and are lacking in the experience. In this case, it is important to know the steps that will lead you to success.

7 Steps for Your Great Performance in CS:GO

To start with, never refuse help from competent advisors. The most experienced players can give you almost brilliant and extremely catchy recommendations to start successfully. For example, you can improve your performance with the goodies like Clutch Case through the link.

Additionally, there are special upgrading campaigns to count on. But if you are interested in the practical advice to progress on your own, take a closer look at the list of win-win tips for getting better at CS:GO.

1 – AIM Workouts

This is a way to train reactions and shooting. On the Internet, you can find different maps where you can hone your skills as best as possible. Do not be limited to the only one. Try several at once to train well. For example, you can count on several versions for your leveling-up:

  • maps with bots (warm-up before the match, set everything up yourself);
  • reflex training;
  • spray training.

Remember that your experience starts with practicing. If you are not afraid of new challenges, welcome to AIM workouts.

2 – Learn Maps & Layouts

Here it is important to know their placement, what is even said, and to know them from the back. It is recommended to do this in such a way that during sharp flips you do not push into the walls and have a guideline for the position of the sight. Also, don’t forget about the grenades on the map. This is, for example, a layout – you need to know for sure in order to drive the enemy out of position.

3 – Backaches 

You need to know where to aim with the cross so that it is your opponent, regardless of whether he is running or just a jumping counter. This is a great hack to progress faster and achieve your goals with no hassle.

4 – Economics of CS:GO

Understand the economy: whoever hits gets the best weapon. In more detail, try to have more money on hand, because then you can get a decent weapon. It’s kind of a balance – the player will always not be able to use good weapons (e.g. AK, M4), and in this case, there are cheaper weapons. The way to earn money can be killing an enemy, planting a bomb, winning or losing a round, and so on. Also, focusing on the economy of the enemy is the key to success.

5 – Know How to Lose Tactically 

It sounds strange, but in fact, there are rounds in which it is better to lose. This will be beneficial for your scoring. For the loss, you will be thanked with money – this has its own amount. It is established that if you lose in a row, you will receive $500 each. And if you initially have $1400, then 4 losses will already be valued at $2900.

6 – Prefire Training 

It will help improve your strategy. For example, potentially where a player can be, you need to be able to act quickly and be on the alert. And this map will help you improve. Try prefire training and feel the difference.

7 – Knife Game

It is important to be able to understand how to move. Whether to run with noise, but when not. Remember, this will affect the player’s understanding of your location. If you are not a knife lover, then control your aim. Not easy to keep, but to be sure of where the enemy will come from.