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How to Get Broadband Without a Phone Line

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Quality broadband is still delivered over phone lines in many areas of the UK.  If you don’t have a phone line, it can sometimes make getting broadband tricky. However, there are other ways to get internet access that doesn’t involve having a conventional phone line installed in your home. In this article we look at the different ways you can get broadband that doesn’t require a landline connection.

What is broadband?

Broadband is the delivery of high-speed internet via a wired or wireless connection. There are different types of broadband that use different types of connection technology to deliver internet access. This includes landline-based services such as DSL, cable and fibre broadband, as well as wireless broadband services that don’t require a landline connection such as satellite and fixed-wireless broadband.

How to get wireless broadband without a landline?

Wireless broadband uses radio waves to deliver internet access. Unlike fixed-line broadband, wireless broadband doesn’t require you to have a phone line installed in your home. As a result, wireless broadband is ideal for people who don’t have a phone line connection. 

There are a number of wireless broadband providers in the UK, including O2, EE and Virgin Media, but they aren’t always able to deliver the type of service that people are needing, especially in rural areas. Broadway Broadband  are one such company that excels at bringing high quality internet to rural areas. 

The most popular type of wireless broadband is 4G, which is usually delivered over the air by mobile phone networks. 4G is a great way to get broadband without having to install a phone line. It’s also very fast and can be used as a fixed-line replacement in many cases. Another type of wireless broadband is fixed-wireless broadband. This is delivered over a dedicated fibre network owned by a fixed-line broadband provider. Fixed-wireless broadband is ideal for the countryside and other areas where 4G coverage is patchy.

How to get fixed wireless broadband without a landline?

Fixed wireless broadband is very similar to traditional fixed-line broadband. It is delivered using fibre and delivered over a dedicated line. Unlike traditional fixed-line broadband, fixed wireless broadband uses a radio signal to deliver the service rather than a physical fibre line. This makes it ideal for areas where a physical fibre line is not available. AT&T and BT both provide fixed-wireless broadband services.

How to get FTTN broadband without a landline?

FTTN broadband uses fibre to the node rather than fibre to the premises. This means that customers get broadband delivered to their home via copper phone lines rather than fibre. Copper phone lines can be run to almost every home in the UK, so FTTN broadband is ideal for areas that don’t have access to fibre-based broadband. Virgin Media is the only provider that offers FTTN broadband.


Broadband is an essential service that most people use at least occasionally. Getting broadband without a landline can be tricky, but it’s possible to do with a combination of wireless and fibre-based fixed-line services.