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How to get Discord Token

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Discord is a social media platform designed for gamers and it just hit 500 million users. It incorporates many of the features of other leading social media platforms such as text and voice chat, video chat and so much more. It’s free, although you can count it as a usual app for gamers to talk about computer peripherals such as Motherboards etc , also it is available on desktop tablet and smartphone. The great thing about Discord is the ability to have text and voice channels both with private and public access. And you can have multiple channels, so you can divide your community into targeted channels by topic.

The command to get your Discord token is a bit hidden, so I decided to write an article regarding the command on Gaming Ledge. This is especially useful if you have a bot that you want to connect with your Discord server.

What is a Discord token?

To summarize it in one word, it’s a way of making your bot “discord-ready”. Discord is a very popular gaming platform, so the more you can do to make your bot Discord-ready, the better it will be at engaging your community.

The Discord token is a unique identifier for your bot that is specific to your Discord server. The token is generated when your bot is first created, so it’s a good idea to keep track of it, as you will need it to connect your bot to your Discord server.

It’s important to note that your Discord token is not the same as the bot’s Discord username. Your bot’s Discord username is your bot’s username on Discord, and it is the same username you would use to connect to your bot on Discord.

How to Get Your Discord Token from a Desktop Browser

To get your discord token, visit the Discord website, login to your account, and access the platform via a browser. The Desktop app may also be used. Once you’ve opened Discord, go to the developer tools in either your Chrome or Firefox browser. Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+I for the side panel containing information on any element above the web page itself. Firefox: F12 allows for window access if necessary. In that same side bar, click on the Application tab and you will see an authorization code which is what we need from Discord.

Once you have it installed, press Ctrl+Shift+I (depending on your browser) to access the developer tools of your browser and in that side panel go ahead and click Application (as highlighted in this image below).


Below the Storage section, click on the Menu Options button. Select Manage Devices from the dropdown menu. This will display a panel in which each store will be represented by a colored square.

Click on the eye icon next to your account, and this will open a pop-up window displaying all of your logged in devices for that specific app or platform.

You can select which devices you want to view info for by clicking on them (Useful if you have multiple devices logging into multiple accounts.)

The last field,”Token”, is the one we need, so find that line and copy the value somewhere safe! (This is a sensitive piece of data that should never be disclosed online.)

Here’s how to copy your token: Right click the value on the right, select Edit Value and then Copy it. There you have it, your Discord Token! You can use the same shortcut as before (F12) or simply close down this tab now and you won’t have to see all of these red brackets again.


Congratulations, you have successfully gotten your Discord token. In order to use this token to join a server, you will need to copy and paste it. To do so, open up your Discord server that you want to join, and click on the “About” tab. Next, click on the “Edit” button located at the top right corner of your screen. The about page will now open up to a new tab and you will see the “Token” on the bottom of the page. Click on the “Copy” icon located next to the token, and you should now have your token to use.