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How to Get Free Bitcoin: Safe Options

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As BTC keeps on growing in value, the demand for it increases as well. Yet, due to its high price, the majority of traders, especially beginners, cannot make a significant investment. That is why diversified platforms offering this coin for free or in exchange for certain services enjoy immense popularity. We would like to mention the top 8 methods that really work so that you avoid all sorts of scams.

  1. Educational programs by Coinbase. It is a perfect choice for newbies, as it allows you both to learn to trade and earn crypto for completing lessons. You will receive your rewards in dollars, but you can easily convert them into coins again if needed. Besides, you can get extra money — $10, if you invite your friends to that program.
  2. Referral programs developed by brokers and exchanges. Another tip on how to get free Bitcoin for novice traders. For example, if you decide to create an account on, you can request a referral link and get paid CRO (the local coin) for every registered new trader, the sum will be equivalent to $25. More to the point, that new user will also receive a bonus of $10–25.
  3.   Crypto airdrops. These are promo offers, when a company issuing certain crypto, sends small shares of the corresponding coins to potential users either for reposting its publications on the social networks or for another small favor or just for free. You can learn about such promo events on CoinMarketCap.
  4. Faucets. Such platforms, for example, Firefaucet or Freebitcoin, offer users to earn small shares of Bitcoin or other coins by filling in captchas, watching ads, or completing other extremely easy tasks.
  5. Bitcoin games (like Axie Infinity). You can enjoy playing and completing tasks and earn small amounts of coins for that.
  6. Creating guides or other materials about coins. If you feel that you have advanced writing skills, make a try. You can find a suitable vacancy on ProBlogger or another similar website.
  7. Cashback in BTC. For example, Pei pays cashback of up to 20% for using both online and offline partner stores.
  8. Rebates from Traders Union. Getting regular payments is pretty simple — you just need to register with a broker or exchange chosen by using a referral link from Traders Union. Afterward, this platform will pay 20% of your trading commissions to Traders Union, and you will get 80% of that sum, which can be freely invested in Bitcoin.

In sum, although these methods cannot bring huge income at once, they will help you increase your savings in Bitcoin slowly but persistently. And, taking into account the value of this coin, even a small share will make a significant difference to your financial well-being.