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How to Get Hulu in Singapore 2024

Do you want to access Hulu in Singapore? Whether it’s for enjoying Hulu’s TV shows, movies, or live TV featuring sports, we’ve been navigating ways to make Hulu work for a while. Although the methods have evolved, the two steps outlined in this guide can assist you in accessing Hulu.

Hulu is not accessible in Singapore and is limited to the United States. However, you can overcome this limitation by following the steps that apply to other streaming services.

The Steps to Access Hulu in Singapore

Hulu is exclusively accessible in the United States. Despite occasional suggestions of expansion, this concept has lingered for years, and it’s improbable that Hulu will extend beyond the U.S. Its content is tailored mainly for a U.S. audience. Meanwhile, Disney, its owner, can feature some of the popular Hulu content on Disney Plus.

Consequently, accessing Hulu in Singapore seems possible since there might be an option to sign up. However, upon trying to complete the process, you’ll discover that Hulu imposes restrictions on access from regions outside its designated area. Therefore, the solution lies in appearing to be in the correct region to bypass these blocks.

There are 2 main steps to do that.

You’ll have to trick Hulu into thinking you’re in the US and find a way to bypass Hulu’s payment location verification.

If you successfully navigate these two issues, you’ll gain access to Hulu from anywhere globally, whether you aim to stream on your mobile device or laptop or via the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Presenting a Valid Location to Hulu

Hulu must see you in the US, not Singapore or anywhere else.

If you appear in the US, you’ll likely gain access to Hulu even in Singapore.

What’s required? A VPN.

VPN services like ExtremeVPN enable you to change your location virtually, making it seem like you’re in the US even when you’re not physically present.

However, we use “in most cases” as it’s not as straightforward as connecting to a VPN and instantly accessing Hulu. This is because Hulu actively counters VPN services to avoid legal issues related to broadcasting content that might be licensed exclusively in specific countries.

That’s where ExtremeVPN stands out; it prioritizes quality over quantity, offering an extensive server network that emphasizes quality rather than an overwhelming number.

  1. Sign up for ExtremeVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a US server from the list.

ExtremeVPN isn’t just about changing your virtual location through an IP address shift. For numerous individuals globally, it’s a matter of online security. With military-grade 2048-bit encryption, ExtremeVPN secures your internet actions. It safeguards you, especially in public Wi-Fi areas where your online activities might otherwise be vulnerable to access by others.

It also includes Stealth VPN, a functionality designed to circumvent VPN blocks in countries with internet censorship, where specific content isn’t accessible or safe to share online.

Is that the extent of getting Hulu? Not really. This is because Hulu enforces payment restrictions, verifying whether your location and card issuance are within the US.

If they don’t match, your account won’t work. But here’s where the next workaround comes into play.

Bypassing the Payment Block of Hulu

There are numerous approaches to tackle this issue, but the most convenient method by far is registering using your mobile device.

Why? if you access Hulu through its website, the system will check your card details.

This issue could be resolved by obtaining an authentic card. Alternatively, setting up a Hulu account can be done swiftly if you have the right connections. You could even request someone else to create one for you.

If none of these choices are viable, avoiding Hulu’s website entirely is advisable, and opt to register through the Hulu app instead.

Whether it’s an Android or iPhone, on mobile devices, Google and Apple handle payments, and they don’t implement such payment verifications.

Given that you’ve changed your location beforehand.

Altering Your Google Play Store Location on Android Devices

  1. Download and install ExtremeVPN.
  2. Connect to a Hulu-supported region.
  3. Navigate to the Play Store.
  4. Go to Profile and then to Settings.
  5. Select Account and then Device Preferences.
  6. Locate the option to change your account and proceed.
  7. Update payment information if necessary.
  8. Confirm this modification by repeating the steps.
  9. Download the Hulu app.
  10. Register for a Hulu account.

Altering Your Location on Apple Devices

  1. Start by signing out of your iCloud account.
  2. Connect to a Hulu-supported region using ExtremeVPN.
  3. Install the Hulu app.
  4. Sign up for Hulu from the app.


Gaining access to Hulu in Singapore requires a strategic approach. While Hulu’s content is exclusively available in the United States, utilizing a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN becomes crucial. Overcoming location restrictions involves presenting a virtual US location and navigating through Hulu’s payment verification.

It ensures location spoofing and prioritizes online security, making it an effective tool. Additionally, bypassing Hulu’s payment block can be achieved through mobile device registration, offering a convenient workaround to enjoy Hulu’s diverse content from anywhere globally.