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How to Get Incentive App Installs?

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When starting to promote their program, people often face the problems of mobile marketing. Lacking understanding in this area, they rush from extreme to extreme, which is a deliberately wrong step. So to get incentive app installs, you need to know a few important points.

Incentive installs are mobile app installs that were driven by a promotional offer or incentive. It solves the problem of app discovery.  To get incentive app installs you should use the actions of real people because bots are not able to find your application. It is used, when the app has not indexed keywords. Once your app is visible, you can order keyword installs.

To get started, you need relevant keywords. To identify them absolutely correctly you need to carefully analyze the application. Keywords can be combined into phrases. For example, your application is related to cars. Keywords for this topic can be –  “сars”, “driver”, “rice” and so on. If you run out of ideas, try analyzing competitor’s applications. Keywords will be useful for us to get incentive app installs.

 Optimization also plays a significant role. This is an improvement keyword cloud, title, icon, full & short description, screenshots. You should take care to do this optimization before running a campaign. But if you didn’t do it in advance, don’t worry! Just then optimization and promotion will take more time.

   You must first perform all of the above to get incentive app installs using keywords.  What does it mean? Special users take turns entering your keywords in the search box, finding your program, downloading it, and performing certain actions on it. The algorithm takes into account such user behavior as install and increases the rating. However, in the beginning, you will face a drop in the position of your application. But after that, the growth compensates for the losses and improves the rank.  

 The marketing strategy must be well thought out and clear. To get incentive app installs with a straight and simple marketing plan. This will help you feel more confident.