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How to Get Level 20 Fast in Valorant – Fastest Method

Want to showcase your Valorant skills and access Competitive game mode? Then, leveling up is your ticket to glory, not to mention the cool in-game borders you can flaunt. Your guide to rapid leveling in Valorant starts with earning Account Points (AP), granted at the end of each match whether you win or lose. Let’s get you geared up with five powerful tips to speed up the leveling process.

Looking to showcase your skills and unlock more gameplay options in Valorant? Leveling up in this first-person shooter isn’t just about bragging rights; it’s your ticket to the Competitive game mode and all the cool borders you can flaunt. We’ve gathered five essential strategies to help you level up in no time.

What’s At Stake: Account Points (AP)

You’ll earn Account Points (AP) at the end of each game, whether you win or lose. So, how do you rake in those points efficiently? Let’s break it down.

Quick Tips to Level Up

1) Master the AP System

Understanding the AP system is your first step toward rapid advancement. You’ll earn 1 AP for a match and additional points for every six seconds played. Don’t forget the 50 AP bonus for wins! Need 5000 AP for the next level? Longer and winning games are your best bet.

2) Opt for Unrated Games

Unrated games are your fastest track to earning AP. With longer rounds and a more relaxed atmosphere, it’s also the perfect mode for newcomers. Make this your go-to mode for leveling up.

3) Secure Daily Wins

Winning at least one game every day will net you an extra 1000 AP due to the daily reset. That’s a huge boost, and if you keep it up for five days, you’ll definitely level up.

4) Master Your Agents

Becoming a pro with a select few agents can help you win more games. Agent mastery isn’t just about comfort; it directly impacts your ability to earn those wins, and by extension, AP.

5) Play Regularly But Wisely

Playing daily is effective, but don’t forget to take breaks. Finding the right balance between intensive play and downtime is crucial for long-term leveling up.

5) Use Valorant Boosting Services

It’s very important for every competitive player to not waste time on leveling against rookies and low ranked players. As an example is why most players buy VALORANT boosting in North America and enjoy the the cheapest Valorant boosting to reach their desired ranks a lot faster.

Valorant Gameplay Basics

For those new to the game, Valorant is a team-based FPS with a unique twist—each agent has special abilities. Your objective? Either plant or defuse the Spike. With a simplified physics engine, the game offers endless opportunities for mind-bending plays.

Level Up Faster With These Extra Tips

– Choose the Right Agent for You

– Complete Daily and Weekly Missions

– Be Mindful of Time Management

Updated Game News: New Water-Themed Agent

Harbor, the latest agent, brings some aquatic flair to the game. Maximize him by leveling up and unlocking Competitive gameplay for even more team-based strategies.

XP vs. AP: What’s the Difference?

It’s not just about AP; you’ll also earn XP that goes toward other progress meters like Agent Contracts and Battle Pass. Knowing how these systems interact can help you level up more effectively.

Your Three Paths to Glory:

  • Account Level: Earn AP for overall level and cool borders.
  • Agent Contracts: Gain XP to unlock new Agents.
  • Battle Pass: Seasonal rewards are waiting for you.

Keep in mind

Leveling up in Valorant is more than just a grind; it’s about understanding the game’s mechanics and making smart choices. With these tips in hand, you’re all set to ascend the ranks!

Your Top 5 FAQs Answered

1) How Do I Earn AP (Account Points)?

Account Points (AP) are your main currency for leveling up in Valorant. You earn AP at the end of each game based on your performance and the match’s length. Generally, you’ll gain:

  • 1 AP for every match you play
  • Additional AP for each 6 seconds in the game
  • A 50 AP bonus for a win

2) What’s the Fastest Way to Level Up?

The quickest route to racking up AP is by focusing on Unrated games. These matches tend to be longer, providing more opportunities to earn AP. Also, try to win at least one game every day to earn a daily bonus of 1000 AP.

3) What Do I Unlock When I Level Up?

Leveling up in Valorant can unlock a variety of features:

  • Competitive Mode: You need to reach a certain level to participate.
  • Borders: Unique borders for your profile that showcase your level.
  • Agent Contracts: Higher levels can make it easier to complete contracts and unlock new agents.

4) Do Daily and Weekly Missions Affect My Level?

Daily and weekly missions don’t directly impact your AP, but they do grant you experience points (XP). This XP contributes to other progress paths in the game, such as Agent Contracts and the Battle Pass, which can indirectly help you level up faster.

5) Is There a Level Cap?

As of now, there is no known level cap in Valorant. This means you can keep accumulating AP and continue to level up, gaining new borders and unlocking features indefinitely.