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How to Get More Clicks with Banner Ad Design

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Banner ads today are considered the most powerful marketing tool. Every company uses some kind of banner ad to expand brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate leads, click-throughs, and purchases. As banner ads are ubiquitous in the digital world, creating one that will stand out, grab visitors” attention, and motivate them to click on is very challenging in today’s internet environment. However, Alpha Efficiency has prepared a detailed article on how to create efficient banner ads, that will meet all propositions of successful web banner ads and will most certainly click with your target audience.

1. Use the most effective banner size.

When considering banner size, not all sizes fit every project. According to analysis, the most effective banner sizes are:

  • Large recktangle – 336 x 280px
  • Medium rectangle – 300 x 250px
  • Half Page – 300 x 600px
  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90px
  • Mobile banner – 320 x 100px

2. Placement

Experts suggest that the most effective banner ad place is above the fold and close to the main page content on the website. Social media platforms don’t allow much control over the banner ad placement, but social and e-newsletters, apps, and websites permit you to choose the right palace for your banner ads. The location of your ad determines ad size, position, and type. Generally, there are some common ad placements you can consider: feeds, stories, search, apps, in-stream, messages, and in-article. Automation tools can reconfigure your initial banner ad to various dimensions suitable for each ad placement.

3. Consider Format

There are many formats you can opt for, however, the success of banner ad largely rely on deciding the more suitable format for your campaign. Consider mixing and matching various banner formats to achieve the most effective one. The most popular banner ad formats currently are:

  • Photo is the most common and straightforward format. As a phrase says “A picture is worth a thousand words”, most advertisers use a powerful image with a piece of text to convey a message.
  • Video is a format that allows you to present your brand, service, or product in 30 seconds.
  • A slideshow is a format that allows you to combine video and image material. This way you can use characteristics of both and create an ad with images, sound, effects, and transitions.
  • Stories are a convenient advertising format for Instagram and Facebook platforms and mobile-friendly campaigns. Stories are usually short, vertical videos or images able to catch visitors’ attention.
  • A carousel is a form of a showcase, where you can imply up to ten videos or images. To see the content users have to swipe or click through. This is a great way to engage users by telling them the story in showcases.
  • The collection is the approach where you can focus users on what you are selling by providing an introduction video followed by three to four images.
  • Playables allow users to try out the app contained in the advertisement. Playables provide users with instant pleasure and the opportunity to try a product, which makes this approach especially convenient for mobile game adverts and related industry domains.

4. Call to action

When talking about the CTA, the importance of this banner aspect is enormous. Implementing your proposition`s values and CTA are the determining factors for conversion. For this reason, creating a CTA that corresponds with your target audience’s emotions and connecting with them on a personal level, and providing your user with a reason to believe in the worth of your offer are the primary characteristics of a productive CTA. 

Another important aspect of CTA  is that it creates a sense of urgency and encourages users to make a buying decision. 

As it all implies, a good CTA can convince users to remain engaged after seeing your banner ad. CTA consistency throughout your ad set is highly recommended. A clear CTA message is more important than the buttons’ look. Some of the best CTA practices are: “ Get started”, “Limited time/supply offer”; “Order now”; “Join now”; “Claim”; “Discover/Learn more”; etc.

5. Background

According to banner ad designer experts, the best practice is to:

  • Present the image of your product or service, providing the customer with a clear idea of what you are selling. Displaying irrelevant picture that has little to do with what you are actually selling will make users feel deceived and tricked. For this reason, is recommended to avoid abstract images as well.
  • Focus on important parts and exclude less relevant ones when choosing the right image. As you don`t have much space and time to capture users’ attention, consider only the aspects that add value.
  • Upload only high-resolution images and photos that can provide users with clear and comprehend messages. Choose unique, authentic, and original graphics. If you can`t afford a professional photographer or designer, the alternative is to buy a stock photo or opt for quality typography.

6. Consider brand consistency

Brand consistency refers to branding and making your brand remembered and recognizable for users wherever they see it. Besides typography and images, color choice is an important factor that contributes to branding. Your brand`s colors should be incorporated in a banner ad. When choosing the color for your banner ad, consider the psychology of colors:

  • The red color is related to energy, confidence, and love. The red color is efficient in attracting attention, however, should be used moderately and avoided if aiming for a serious and mature look.
  • Orange is a color that reflects youth, vitality, playful feelings, and friendship. As the orange is less aggressive and overpowering than red while invigorating, the orange is a great option for CTA. 
  • Yellow color evokes feelings of happiness, cheer, warmth and friendliness. The supremacy of this color is that it is eye-catching while reflecting the sense of affordable.
  • Green is the color of nature, health, balance, wealth, and freshness. This color is easy on the eye and is often used by brands that relate to nature.
  • Blue is the color that represents the feeling of trust, formality, tranquility, calm, and intellect. Estimations are that approximately half of the rand’s logs use blue color.
  • Purple color refers to luxury, wealth, spirituality, wisdom, extravagance, and wisdom. The effect of the purple color on users is mostly calming and soothing.

While we have mentioned only the most frequent colors used for banner ads, many others such as pink, black, white, grey, and brown can be an adequate choice depending on your business niche.

Another important part of a banner ad that should donate to brand consistency is a logo. Without placing your logo in an ad, visitors won`t be able to recognize your company. A clear and easily identifiable logo must be incorporated into the banner ad, to deliver brand awareness. 

Besides those attributes, to remain consistent choose the same typography, color shade, and similar visuals, across all your marketing material and landing page for banner ads.

7. Powerful headline

The headline refers to creating compelling copy that will make your ad stand out. For this purpose, keep your headline closely relevant to your targeted audience and composed in a manner to correspond with them on a personal level. The headline should be concise, and short to instantly get visitors’ attention and reveal the point. As your ad has its purpose to lead to conversion, use words that encourage users to act and motivate them to interact with your ad.

8. Impart your headline

A tagline is your brand slogan. Don`t forget to place your slogan in your banner ad. This will promote brand awareness and recognition while describing what you are selling. A tagline should also be consistent in all marketing material and ad variations.

Final Thoughts

Consider mentioned tips when creating a high-performing clickable ad. If you still feel that creating such an ad is too challenging for you to do on your own, think about hiring a professional agency or individual, and ensure that you will have an attractive ad, which can connect with your audience and deliver conversion.