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How to Get to Know Your Website Audience Face to Face?

Website owners and creators install a comment plugin. They understand how comments increase audience engagement. In the comments users ask their questions, leave feedback and suggestions for improvement. Everyone is used to text comments. But a text comment, even if it is linked to some social media account or mail, looks very impersonal. The text does not convey intonation, and it is not clear from what is written what mood the commentator has. What if we invite the website visitors to leave video comments?

The ReComm plugin is a great way to get to know your audience face to face and get feedback and product reviews. The plugin is synchronized with the ReNett mobile video forum application. Synchronization with the ReNett app will expand the audience of the website. Your publications will always be a topic for a lively discussion in the application. And video comments and reviews from the app can be viewed on the site’s page where the plugin code is installed. Thus increasing the level of trust of your audience. By engaging subscribers in a conversation in the app community, you will increase organic traffic on the website as well.

The plugin is for free. To install it, you need to fill out a form on the ReComm website. Write in your contact details and the website where you want to place a plugin.

  • After registration, you will be sent a unique plugin code.
  • In the ReNett application, a separate community will be created for your website.
  • You can place the code on different pages, topics will be created for them within the corresponding community.
  • The website and the application community are synchronized. Users can publish comments only through the application but can watch both on the website and in the application.