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How To Help Your Child Remember What They Learned In Math

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How can I help my child memorize math? Mathematics is a compulsory subject that forms the foundation of various other disciplines and life skills. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child comprehends mathematical concepts and retains and applies them effectively. Many parents in the bustling metropolis of New York City turn to services such as math tutors in NYC or private math tutors to provide the extra support their children need.

This article aims to deliver valuable insights and tips, focusing on the benefits of hiring a private math tutor. Let’s dive into mathematics and discover effective strategies to support your child’s learning journey and how to help them remember what they learned in math.

The Importance Of Math Education

Mathematics plays a vital role in our lives, and a strong foundation in this subject is paramount for success in various fields. It’s crucial to understand why kids often struggle with retention to help your child remember what they’ve learned in math.

Understanding The Struggles: Why Kids Forget Math

Children can forget math concepts due to various factors, including a lack of interest, ineffective teaching methods, and the complexity of mathematical principles. The following section will explore how math tutors in NYC can address these challenges.

The Role Of Math Tutoring In Retention

Private math tutors in NYC can significantly impact your child’s math journey. They offer personalized guidance, tailored lessons, and a supportive environment that fosters learning and retention.

Finding The Right Math Tutor NYC: What To Look For

Choosing the right math tutor is crucial. Look for qualifications, teaching methods, and compatibility with your child’s learning style. In addition to tutoring, creating an optimal learning environment at home is equally important.

Creating A Structured Learning Environment

Establishing a math study and homework routine can help your child stay on track. A well-organized study space with minimal distractions promotes focus and retention.

Utilizing Mnemonics And Memory Aids

Mnemonic devices, such as acronyms and rhymes, can assist in remembering mathematical formulas and concepts. Explore creative ways to make math more memorable. Create catchy phrases or jingles to make math facts memorable. For example, to remember the order of operations ( Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction: PEMDAS), you can create a fun mnemonic sentence like “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.”

Review And Practice Regularly

Repetition is crucial for retaining math knowledge. Regularly review previously learned concepts and encourage your child to practice them. Set aside time for weekly or monthly math review sessions to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Teach Problem-Solving Strategies

A traditional pen-and-paper approach will only sometimes work, and that’s when you need to get creative. Consider reintroducing mathematics to your child through a game-based lens. It can take many forms like word problems, math books, apps, etc. Math tutor NYC and private math tutors often focus on teaching these strategies, as they are essential skills for mastering math.

Incorporating Real-Life Applications

Show your children how mathematics is used in daily life. Practical applications can make abstract concepts more relatable and memorable. For example, involve them in cooking, where they can measure ingredients or calculate cooking times. Let them calculate discounts, taxes, and totals if you’re out shopping. These real-world applications make math more tangible and memorable.

Practicing Regularly With Exercises And Quizzes

Regular practice is crucial to retention. Encourage your child to solve math problems, take quizzes, and review previous lessons regularly.

Exploring Online Resources And Tools

The internet offers many math resources, from educational websites to interactive apps. These can complement your child’s learning and make math engaging.

Monitoring Progress And Celebrating Achievements

Please keep track of your child’s progress and celebrate their math milestones. Positive reinforcement can boost motivation and retention.

Collaborating With Teachers And School

Maintain open communication with your child’s instructors and school. Working together ensures a holistic approach to math education. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to seek external help, especially if you feel that your child needs more personalized attention or if you lack the expertise to explain certain concepts. Consider hiring a private math tutor in NYC who can provide targeted support tailored to your child’s needs. These tutors are skilled in identifying areas where your child may struggle and can offer effective strategies to improve retention.

Parental Involvement: Tips For Encouraging Math

As a parent, your involvement matters. Encourage your child, attend parent-teacher meetings, and engage in math-related activities together.

Balancing Screen Time And Study Time

While technology is valuable, balancing screen and study time is essential for effective learning and retention.

Building Confidence In Math

Boost your child’s confidence in math by acknowledging their efforts and providing a supportive, nurturing environment.

In conclusion, helping your child remember what they’ve learned in math involves a multifaceted approach. It’s essential to empowering your child in math education. Helping your child remember what they’ve learned in math is a collaborative effort that involves nurturing a positive attitude, establishing a consistent routine, and using various strategies to make math engaging and memorable. Whether you work with a math tutor in NYC or opt for private tutoring, your involvement as a parent plays a vital role in your child’s math education. Improving your child’s math skills requires practice, patience, and creativity. Strategies like these will enable children to memorize and learn math facts and concepts, which are the building blocks for more advanced math.


  • Why math education is significant in a child’s life? 

Maths develops problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, valuable life skills; that’s why math education is essential. 

  • How can a Math Tutor NYC help my child remember math concepts? 

A math tutor in NYC provides personalized guidance, addressing your child’s needs and fostering a deeper understanding of math.

  • Are online math resources adequate for learning and retention? 

Yes, online resources offer interactive tools and lessons that can enhance a child’s math learning experience.

  • How can parents actively support their child’s math education? 

Parents can help their children by creating a conducive learning environment, encouraging regular practice, and maintaining open communication with teachers.

  • What is the role of confidence in math education? 

Trust in math boosts a child’s motivation and willingness to engage with the subject, leading to better retention and success.