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How to Host a Virtual Poker Party

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If you’re planning to host your first poker tournament with your friends up and down the country or even across the globe, making a virtual competition is the next best thing to recreating a face-to-face game.

It can be a lot more difficult thank you think, especially if you’ve never done it before, so here are some tips to help set you on your way:

1. Choose Your Platform

There are a number of platforms you can choose from, some offering free games online, some offering cash games only and others offering both. If you’re interested in putting a little cash on the line then check out this list of online poker Pennsylvania providers as it has all the best to choose from.

Whether you want to play with 10 cent or 20 cent blinds, a greater sum or simply for free, the list above has all options available. A 20-cent big blind means you’d be looking to sit the night with about $20. 

Once all the players have downloaded the app of your choice, the host selects a room for the guests to join. Making the game private prevents strangers from letting themselves in.

Your app will track any financial investments over the course of the game so you don’t need to worry about working it as you play.

2. Agree a Time and Date

You will know from your own experiences arranging anything with friends can be a nightmare! It’s not always appealing to show up to an event that has been arranged last minute after a tough week of work either.

Set a date and time that you can all make as many days in advance as you can in order to make sure you all have a free spot in your diary.

3. Setting the Buy-ins and Pay-outs

It would be ideal to discuss with your fellow participants pre-tournament what the buy-in is, in order not to disappoint anyone once they turn up. If they have downloaded the platform for the first time then they will need a copy of their ID and a recent bank statement in order to be approved. Again, this is best done in advance so there are no hold ups.

4. Simultaneous Hangout

You have likely selected a poker tournament as your weekly or monthly social. The key word there being social. You won’t want to be playing the game from your own locations without being to talk.

Most poker apps aren’t ideal for this and we recommend either setting up a Zoom, Google Meet or similar hangout in order for you to be able to communicate during the tournament. Having a laptop or tablet as well as your mobile device makes it more effective.

5. The Snacks

Unfortunately, playing from your own homes makes it very difficult to recreate beer and snack sharing like you would in a room together.

This means you’ll each have to get your own beverages and food in for the evening. You could also set a cuisine theme for the evening – perhaps sticking to a certain brand or dish but that’s up to you.