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How to Improve Warehouse Management with Rugged Mobile Computer?

Warehouse management is a key factor that affects the manufacture of a factory: better operation promises higher efficiency and larger throughput, which means more orders can be accepted. But the fact is that tons of materials and countless rows of shelves are handled by administrators with out-of-date equipment. They are busy counting, placing, recording, and finding objects according to their memory every day. Instead of working inefficiently, a rugged mobile computer as a useful tool is needed for every operator in the warehouse. 


Bad Effects of Poor Warehouse Management

Without a convenient tool, mistakes will be made in placement, information input, and location searching of the goods and materials, causing a time-consuming circulation and a waste of labor, time, and money. Therefore, it results in higher unnecessary costs and a lower profit ratio. In other words, poor warehouse management is harmful to the sustainable operation of a company. 

Considering the troubles above, UROVO gives solutions to end the inefficient process and cut the budget, that is, to utilize high-tech devices – a rugged mobile computer that integrates the latest technology and powerful functions. A handheld mobile computer or android handheld scanner is gradually accepted as a handy tool to collect data. It contributes to a reduction in time and an increase in flexibility, which provides more economical methods to solve urgent problems.

UROVO’s Rugged Mobile Computer 

Why these devices can help in warehouse management? 6 reasons will be shown in the following paragraphs.

Seamless Network Connection

It is annoying for every employee that “no signal” appears on the handheld scanner when they scan a code. Also, a long-time response ranks No.2 in the most irritating moments. With the launch of UROVO DT40, the two questions won’t trouble them anymore. UROVO DT40 supports 802.11AC high-speed protocol and 802.11r fast roaming, keeping the devices online to give their users a near-instant response.

Wi-Fi Diagnosis

When the Wi-Fi of a rugged mobile computer is suddenly disconnected, failure to reconnect it may delay the schedule, causing a mess to the original plan. Therefore, a quick diagnosis is necessary to be pushed forward. UROVO designs a feasible Wi-Fi diagnosis to solve the case by simply pressing a button. The button can activate a ping test to identify and verify the network operation issues, and then it will tell the cause of the problems and solve it.  

Flexible Operation

A computer is widely applied in recording the flow of goods and materials because its various functions make it available for high productivity. Surprisingly, UROVO proves that a 240g rugged mobile computer can also be a productive tool by some technical efforts. A set of management tools created by UROVO provides a more convenient way for administrators to deal with a large amount of information. For instance, the MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), and KMS (Key Management System) permit operating remotely, sending a batch of commands, applications, files, and announcements while collecting data at the same time in some simple clicks.  

Multiple Uses

A barrier for warehouse operators in the whole process of management is that they have too many things to do, and merely one device is impossible for them to complete all the tasks. But for UROVO, nothing is impossible. UROVO DT40 and RT40 can be used in the whole process, including scanning, storing, locating, and packing, owing to their powerful operational systems with coding and navigation functions.

High Configuration

A high-performance rugged mobile computer can secure a fluent operation no matter when and where it is working. The Octa-core processor, and the latest Android system of UROVO DT40 and RT40 ensure clear scan, quick response, and informational safety. With these smart Android handheld scanners, the high quality of data entering and processing can be guaranteed.

Greater Durability

Damage of falling, dust, and water is inevitable to the devices in the warehouse. So make sure the rugged mobile computer is dust-proof, waterproof, and drop resistant. Trying its best to prolong the durability and last the life of its products, UROVO adds a professional IP67 and 1.5m drop resistance for DT40. For RT40, it will be IP68 and 1.8m drop resistance. Greater durability is a big advantage for device that being used in a rough environment, giving a lower budget on repairing or even buying new rugged mobile computers. 

UROVO DT40/RT40: Practical Helper for Warehouse

Driven by technology and innovation, UROVO is always ready to solve digital issues for clients who want to reduce the budget and speed up the circulation in the warehouse. It not only utilizes high configuration hardware and software, flexible operation system and durable materials to realize seamless network connection and other advantages, but also designs Wi-Fi diagnosis to maintain stabilization. By launching these light and tiny rugged mobile computers, UROVO is bringing an easier working place and larger profit margin to every customer.